Easter roast lamb recipes to wow your household

Spoil your family or household with one of these tender roast lamb recipes

Easter roast lamb recipes to wow your household

Share the love this Easter with one of our delicious, tender roast lamb recipes, and show your family or household just how much you care! At this time of year in the UK you'll be able to find tasty meat that only needs a little seasoning. Of course, spicy, Middle-eastern and citrussy marinades all pair wonderfully with lamb, too.

So, spoil your household and cook up a hearty springtime roast lamb with one of our mouthwatering recipes below. We also share what to do with those delicious leftovers you may have too. 

1. peter gordon's roast lamb with apricots and almonds 

Apricots and nuts work perfectly with lamb in this tasty dish from New Zealand chef, Peter Gordon. Since dried apricots are used, this can be rustled up at any time of year – but it's just perfect for Easter!

2. herb-roast leg of lamb with pistachio and mint gremolata

Citrus, mint and crushed pistachio give this tasty marinated lamb leg a zesty Mediterranean flavour, and the added garlic is mellowed as it roasts. Serve with simple roast spuds and fresh greens.

3. Lamb with cherry sauce

Tart cherries complement the rich meat in this Lamb with Cherry Sauce recipe. You can even use frozen cherries to whip this dish up, no matter the season.

4. Lamb cooked in a salt crust

Not only does this Lamb Cooked in a Salt Crust recipe have the wow factor, but encasing the meat seals in all those lovely juices, resulting in an extra-tender joint. Delish.

5. Leg of lamb with Moroccan marinade

Barbecuing this fragrant, spiced meat over charcoal gives it an authentic, smoky flavour; ideal for a sunny weekend in your garden. Serve with buttery new potatoes.

6. Aromatic lamb Italiano

This herb-packed sauce and rub adds a Mediterranean twist to traditional lamb. 

7. Roasted lamb with garlic

This roast lamb dish is made extra savoury with the addition of rosemary, garlic, and anchovies – the perfect choice for a home-cooked feast.

8. Roast lamb with herby stuffing

Serve this tender lamb joint with your favourite gravy and mint sauce. We love the herby stuffing – especially the crispy bits on top!

9. Greek-style slow roasted leg of lamb

Slow cooking the joint makes the lamb wonderfully tender – just seal it securely with foil. The tomatoes add little pops of flavour to the finished dish.

10. Spiced leg of lamb

Marinated in yogurt and spices like garam masala, curry powder and cloves, this summer roast lamb dish packs a flavour punch. It's also amazing served with a crisp salad.

what about those lovely leftovers?

There are many delicious recipes which use leftover lamb, so don't waste a bit! Try this Lamb and Cous Cous Pilaf using canned tomatoes and frozen peas; Roast Beef and Curried Rice Salad ideal with any leftover meat; tender Lamb Tagine using sweet fruits and fragrant spices; and this family-favourite Shepherds Pie topped with comforting, creamy potatoes. You'll be indulging in your Easter lamb all week long!

And if you enjoy the veg side of life, we've suggested a number of vegetarian dishes that are ideal for Easter. Happy Easter everyone!