Roast lamb joint with parsnips on a wooden serving board

10 amazing roast lamb recipes for Easter

Mark the beginning of spring with one of these tender lamb recipes that will wow friends and family

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10 amazing roast lamb recipes for Easter

Nothing says spring like a beautiful roast lamb dish. Succulent meat paired with crispy roast potatoes and fresh spring greens is the perfect meal to eat alfresco on a sunny weekend.

But a lovely leg of lamb lends itself really well to lots of different flavours and cuisines. From Indian spices left to marinade, to Moroccan flavours and citrus tones as well as fruity gravys and herby stuffing, there are so many ways that this humble joint can be cooked.

So whether you're cooking for the family this weekend, or have a crowd coming by, pick up a leg of lamb and get inspired with our top ten lamb leg recipes below. Happy cooking!

1. Lamb with cherry sauce

Tart cherries compliment the rich meat in this lamb with cherry sauce recipe. You can even use frozen cherries to whip this crowd-pleasing dish up, no matter the season.

2. Lamb cooked in a salt crust

Not only does this lamb cooked in a salt crust recipe have the wow factor but encasing the meat seals in all those lovely juices, resulting in an extra-tender joint. Delish.

3. Slow roasted leg of lamb

A slow roasted leg of lamb is the perfect dish for entertaining. Simply prepare the meat and marinade before guests arrive and then let the oven do all the work while you enjoy the company of friends and family. After two and half hours, the meat will be tender, juicy and mouthwateringly good.

4. Leg of lamb with Moroccan marinade

Barbecuing this fragrant, spiced meat over charcoal gives it an authentic, smoky flavour. Ideal for a sunny weekend in the garden. Serve with buttery new potatoes.

5. Aromatic lamb Italiano

This herb-packed sauce and rub add a Mediterranean twist to traditional lamb. 

6. Roasted lamb with garlic

The perfect roast for grown ups and little ones too! The meat is studded with rosemary sprigs, garlic and anchovies to give extra flavour.

7. Roast lamb with herby stuffing

Serve this tender lamb joint with your favourite gravy and mint sauce. We love the herby stuffing - especially the crispy bits on top!

8.Greek-style slow roasted leg of lamb

Slow cooking the joint makes the lamb wonderfully tender – just seal it securely with foil. The tomatoes add little pops of flavour to the finished dish.

9. Roast lamb with Boulangère potatoes

This simple roast lamb dish will taste amazing. With all those meat juices flowing onto the potatoes, it's sure to be packed with flavour, and foolproof.

10. Spiced leg of lamb

Marinated in yogurt and spices like garam masala, curry powder and cloves, this summer roast lamb dish packs a flavour punch. It would be amazing served with a crisp salad and eaten outside, of course.

Pick up your leg of lamb at your local store, or add one to your basket online. Bon appetit!