Roast lamb joint with parsnips on a wooden serving board

7 luscious lamb dishes to feed a crowd

Mark the beginning of spring with one of these tender lamb recipes that will wow friends and family

By Alexia Dellner, 24 March 2016
7 luscious lamb dishes to feed a crowd

Nothing says special occasion like a juicy, tender lamb recipe with a side of fresh veg. But getting this classic Easter dish right doesn't have to be difficult. With the right technique and quality ingredients, you can be sure to plate up a winning meal that your guests will love. We've rounded up seven seriously impressive but surprisingly easy lamb recipes for you to tuck into this Easter. From a classic slow-roasted leg of lamb to a lamb hotpot that's topped with crispy potatoes, there's something for everyone in our round-up of the best lamb recipes for your Easter meal.

Or why not bring some new flavours to your table this year? We've got exciting twists on the traditional Sunday roast, like our lamb with tart cherry sauce and lamb cooked in a salt crust to seal in all that flavour and moisture. We've even got a lamb biryani recipe that will blow your Friday night curry out of the water. The best part about these no-fuss recipes is that there's no need to slave over a hot oven all day. These tasty dishes only require some simple prep and then you can get back to relaxing with your guests, while the meat becomes super tender and mouthwateringly good in the oven. What could be better?

1. Lamb with cherry sauce recipe

Tart cherries compliment the rich meat in this lamb with cherry sauce recipe. You can even use frozen cherries to whip this crowd-pleasing dish up, no matter the season.

2. Moroccan lamb tagine recipe

Aromatic spices like cinnamon, ginger and cumin flavour this Moroccan lamb tagine recipe that's sweetened with dried fruit and honey. Dish up with couscous and almonds for an authentic supper.

3. Lamb cooked in a salt crust recipe

Not only does this lamb cooked in a salt crust recipe have the wow factor but encasing the meat seals in all those lovely juices, resulting in an extra-tender joint. Delish.

4. Lamb biryani recipe

Who needs take-away when you can make it at home? Perfect for feeding a crowd, this lamb biryani recipe uses diced lamb, mild curry powder and fresh coriander for a delicious and luxurious meal.

5. Slow roasted leg of lamb recipe

A slow roasted leg of lamb is the perfect dish for entertaining. Simply prepare the meat and marinade before guests arrive and then let the oven do all the work while you enjoy the company of friends and family. After two and half hours, the meat will be tender, juicy and mouthwateringly good.

6. Lamb hotpot recipe

Juicy lamb leg steaks mixed with vegetables and a rich sauce and topped with crispy potatoes make this lamb hotpot recipe a real winner. Extra bonus? You'll only have to wash up one pot afterwards!

7. Baker's lamb recipe

A traditional Greek recipe, our baker's lamb recipe involves slow cooking the meat in tomatoes and spices for a hearty meal. The addition of broad beans really boosts the flavour.

Find the lamb perfect lamb cut for Easter at, whether it's a lamb joint, a lamb steak or a lamb chop.