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How to create an amazing last minute Easter feast

There's still time to make it a great one

How to create an amazing last minute Easter feast

Easter is quickly approaching but don’t panic if you haven't even thought about what you might be eating and don't have time for days of prep and marinating, as there’s still time to make it a great one.

Whether it’s roast lamb you opt for, fabulous fish you fancy, or a piece of tender chicken that takes your liking, we’ve got your Easter covered.

We've rounded up some quick and easy recipes which means your dinner can be on your plate in minutes.

Or if you'd rather something from the frozen aisle, which is already prepped and ready to go, there's meat, potatoes, a variety of veg and scrumptious puddings to choose from. This means you can still enjoy an excellent Easter meal minus the hassle. 


Kick start your meal with some quick and easy baked Parma ham and gorgonzola figs. Simply heat the figs in the oven, cut them open, wrap with a slice of ham and add the Gorgonzola cubes between the figs. Simple!


Lamb is your typical go-to dish at Easter time but you don't have to be chained to the oven for hours to whip up a meaty lamb feast. This seared romaine lettuce with mint, peas and lamb chops can be on the table within 20 minutes.

We've also got frozen lamb shanks with minted gravy which would go perfect with buttery crushed potatoes and sweet, chunky carrots and there's also Frozen Extra Special Red Snapper and Atlantic cod loins which are frozen within 8 hours of being caught. 

If you opt for cod, try making this cod & prosciutto bake with goose fat potatoes, broccoli and tomatoes. Red Snapper is a white fish with a sweet, firm texture. It can be used in place of cod in most recipes, but just remember to check the cooking time. 

And to cater for any vegetarian guests you might have, why not try our Quorn meat-free roast and Linda McCartney's Meat Free pies. Yum!

If it's a showstopper Easter feast you're after, make sure you stock up on our frozen party food range. With the likes of BBQ pulled pork parcels, mac and cheese bites and mini sausages rolls, you'll create a brilliant banquet to remember.


This Easter you could whip up these strawberry crunch Sundaes in minutes. You simply layer up crunchy cereal, whipped cream, yogurt and strawberries and serve in pretty glasses. Easy as pie.

Or, head to the frozen aisle and pick up some of our tasty desserts. Nobody can say no to a pavlova, especially if it's raspberry and white chocolate. There's also hot chocolate fudge cake - which can be on the table in 4 and a half minutes, serve with fresh raspberries or strawberries, yummy profiteroles with chocolate sauce and Extra Special Belgian Chocolate & Salted Caramel Roulade to serve up!

Or if macarons are for you, pick up our award winning Asda Extra Special Macaron Selection which you could pop onto our frozen cheesecake. Simple!

Make sure you have got everything you need for an easy Easter feast at Asda online or pop into your local store