Cherry profiteroles

Last minute Valentine’s foods that are sure to ‘wow’

It's not too late - there are plenty of amazing Valentine's recipes and ideas to impress your date

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Last minute Valentine’s foods that are sure to ‘wow’

It's 14th February, but it's definitely not too late to put on an incredible dinner for that special person you're trying to impress. You don't need to be in the kitchen all day to create a three-course menu fit for royalty. Just follow our simple ideas and explore our Valentine's offers in store and you'll be wining and dining in an instant.

Go nuts for our skewers

Show your Valentine that you're nuts for them with these delicious Asian-inspired skewers. They'd make a delicious starter, or they could be bulked out for a main. 

Perfect profiteroles

If there is something that is guaranteed to impress your Valentine tonight, it's homemade profiteroles. And, these raspberry and chocolate profiteroles are really not as tricky to make as you might think. All you need is eggs, butter and flour to create the light pastry, then top with whipped cream, melted dark chocolate and fresh raspberries. Just imagine your partner's face as you pour that melted dark chocolate over the top. 

I love you from my head to-ma-toes

These Mediterranean-inspired tarts are 'heart' to resist and can be made in no time at all - perfect if you're short on time but still want to deliver a feast for your favourite. Use some ready rolled puff pastry, add some sundried tomato pesto and a sprinkle of goats' cheese and voila!

Sensual dippy strawberries

For the quickest ever, romantic dessert you need to get your hands on our sweet strawberries with chocolate dip. Your date will love dipping a heart-shaped berry into the rich molten chocolate - and really, is there any better chance to pull out your best seductive skills? You can pick up a punnet of strawberries and the dipping sauce in store now.

Love me tender

Raise the steaks this Valentine's Day with a tender steak, which will be sure to impress. If you don't fancy making your own sauce, you can get your hands on these Extra Special Beef Rump Steaks with Pink Peppercorn and Prosecco Butter, in store now. 

Lovely jubbly bubbly

A special occasion calls for a special bottle of bubbles and this February 14th you can pick up a bottle of Champagne in store for only £10! The best news is that your Valentine needn't know the generous so and so! Don't forget to top your glasses with a sliver of strawberry to really ramp up the romance.

Go potty for this dessert

These easy chocolate pots have a little hit of Baileys, or Cointreau to round off your evening in style. If you don't have time to make your own chocolate pots, you could just make the hearts (that's the romantic part anyway, right?). To make the hearts you simply dollop two spoonfuls of melted chocolate onto baking paper, then drag a skewer through the middle to make a heart shape. You could pair your homemade chocolate hearts with these Extra Special Belgian Dark Chocolate Brownie Puddings

Dark and white chocolate dessert shots

For all your last-minute Valentine's Day food and treats, head online or visit your local store