Latin American recipes to get the party started

Turn up the flavour with our Latin American-inspired classics, plus chef and author Thomasina Miers gives us the inside track on the trend..

Latin American recipes to get the party started

Co-founder of the Mexican street food group Wahaca, Thomasina Miers has a passion for Latin American cooking. Since winning MasterChef in 2005, Thomasina's written six cookery books, including Mexican Food Made Simple.

"It wasn’t until I went to Mexico that I found out how diverse the food from the region is," says Thomasina.

"People often think the Latin American diet is unhealthy, but when you eat authentic food, the reality can be very different. The native Mexican diet is rich in veg and fruits, and a lot of it is gluten-free. Latin American cooking is about fresh, colourful ingredients coming together to make veg-packed, nutritious dishes.

On what she loves most about the region, Thomasina says, "It's passion for eating good food with friends and family. There’s an array of Latin American cooking styles and flavours and we’re only just beginning to experience it in the UK. Why try food from that region? It’s fun and delicious!"

Discover Thomasina's favourite recipes from the region below...

Al pastor kebab salad bowls

Traditionally used to fill tacos, these smoky spiced pork skewers flavoured with cumin, paprika, chilli and plenty of garlic are also fantastic in a salad.

Prawn & mango ceviche

Ceviche is simply cured seafood – here the citrus juice cures the prawns in this fresh-flavoured Ecuadorian meal. Rich and fleshy seafood is balanced with silky sweet mango cubes and punchy parsley. Team with a fresh leaf salad and a hunk of bread for an incredible, flavour-packed lunch or light dinner.

Dulce de leche froyo

Use Latin American favourite dulce de leche (milk caramel) for a delicious twist on frozen yogurt. With just two ingredients, you really can't go wrong!


This South American version of the iconic sangria is made with white wine and a medley of juicy summer fruits. Let some of the fruits, like the strawberries and oranges, chill with the drink to help the fruity flavours diffuse into it. The chopped bananas are best added at the end so they stay at their freshest.

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