4 ways with leeks

The tastiest recipes for leek-lovers

4 ways with leeks

Wondering how to make the most of leeks? This versatile vegetable works beautifully in all sorts of savoury dishes.

From a risotto topped with a poached egg to a mac and cheese dish with a twist, here are four leek-based recipes to get you started… 

Leek risotto with poached egg

Broad beans lend a tasty bite to this creamy dish which we've topped with a perfectly running poached egg. 

leek mac 'n' cheese

Crunchy nuts and crumbs top this pasta favourite which pairs perfectly with chopped leeks. Serve it up for an easy and delicious family treat that will go down especially well in the cold weather.

Baby leek and stilton tart

A line of sweet baby leeks adds a decorative touch to this tart. Ready in one hour, top your tart with mustard, thyme and a handful of crumbled blue Stilton. 

Leek and potato soup with cheesy mustard croutons

Mini cheese-on-toasts meet a British soup classic. Who wouldn't want this on a cold, rainy day?

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