Leftover Bolognese quesadilla

Turn your leftovers into delicious family meals

Save money and reduce waste with these easy meals

Turn your leftovers into delicious family meals

Is your fridge full of half empty packets of vegetables and foil covered plates of leftover meat? Is your bread bin bulging with half eaten loaves of bread? Whatever you do, don't throw them away, because there is a week's worth of meals right under your nose if you know how to reuse, repurpose and turn into a new, delicious family meal.

Any kind of vegetable can be thrown into a frittata or a fritter, cold meats can be added to curries, pastas and sandwiches and bread can be turned into croutons, puddings and breadcrumbs.

With a bit of planning, and the right recipes you could save yourself money and help reduce food waste at the same time.

Here are a few lovely leftover recipes to get you started...

Veggies are very versatile

You can put whatever veg you like into a frittata; it really doesn't matter! This frittata recipe uses spring onions, tomatoes and spinach from the fridge, and a tin of sweetcorn. It's perfect for a family dinner, and also makes a great cold lunch for taking to work or school.

We all have leftover potatoes floating around in the bottom of the fridge, but don't throw them away! This beetroot and chorizo hash has bags of flavour and makes a cheap and easy dinner, or brunch. It's also a great way of using up eggs if you have plenty to spare.

Cold meats go a long way

This super easy, very quick quesadilla recipe makes leftover Bolognese go a long way. All you need to buy are tortillas and cheese (which you probably have in the fridge, anyway) and a bit of salad. The kids will love this, but we warned, it can get a bit messy!

Summer is the time for salads - they're perfect for throwing in anything that you have in the fridge. Just because this is called tuna nicoise, doesn't mean you always have to use tuna - leftover salmon, chicken or any other meat would go perfectly in this flavour-packed salad. 

We all know how to make a leftover meat sarnie (hello beef and horseradish), but this banh mi baguette is something a bit different. It uses crunchy vegetables like radish, carrot and cucumber to create a really refreshing layer. Add whatever leftover meat you have, and dress with sweet chilli and mayonnaise. A Vietnamese feast using leftovers from a British roast!

This chicken rissoles dish transforms leftover roast chicken so you won't even know it was from Sunday. Blitzing up the chicken with stale bread, egg, mayonnaise, parsley, mustard and sun-dried tomatoes makes delicious patties which can be served with new potatoes and salad. 

Don't put your bread in the bin

Bread is something that we always have in the house, but it's rare that you're going to eat all of it - unless you love the crusts! But luckily, it happens to be one of the most versatile foods around and can be used in just about any meal. You could turn it into breadcrumbs by drying it out and blitzing in the food processor - these can be kept in the freezer until you need them. Or you could toast them in tiny chunks and add to salads, or you can transform slices into summer pudding, french toast or these two delicious recipes...

Bread and butter pudding is one of Britain's finest desserts - bread, marmalade, eggs and raspberries are combined to make a delicious, very inexpensive pudding. Just don't forget the custard - it's a must!

This bake is the best leftover recipe ever. Whether you need to use up veggies, eggs, cheese or bread, this cheese and spinach bread bake combines the lot to create a delicious family meal that they'll definitely be requesting more of...