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These lighter desserts are just as good as the real thing!

Have your cake and eat it too with these lighter takes on sweet classics

These lighter desserts are just as good as the real thing!

We all love something sweet, but sometimes a lighter dessert is all we want! These recipes won't scrimp on flavour, they might even become your new go-to pud.

Thanks to smart ingredient swaps, these scrumptious treats are lighter than their full-fat counterparts. Don't worry though, none of the yumminess is lost!

Scroll on to discover our cakes and puds that truly divine.


This take on the classic Italian after-dinner sweet uses 50% less fat crème fraîche and fat-free quark for a super yummy lighter option – without sacrificing on flavour. Coffee is naturally low in calories, while a little dark chocolate goes a long way in this dessert, meaning you can get all of those decadent, Italian sweet flavours without missing out!


Hazelnut and chocolate meringue cake 

How good does this look! Who knew this would be a lighter dessert? This hazelnut and chocolate meringue cake is made with fat-free Greek yogurt and light mascarpone cheese, this is a fabulous centrepiece or party dessert that everyone can dig into.


passionfruit jelly cheesecake 

Tart passion fruit and zesty lime cut through the richness of the creamy filling and biscuit base of this citrus-fuelled dessert. Light 50% less fat original soft cheese and fat-free greek yogurt make this sweet treat a lighter alternative to the original American-style cheesecake.


Lemon and courgette loaf cake

This lighter take on the lemon drizzle gets its moisture from Greek-style yogurt and (wait for it) grated courgettes! The veg slowly cooks down as the cake bakes, oozing into the sponge and keeping things oh-so decadent without the need for any butter. Ama-zing!



mint chocolate mousse 

Creamy avocado blended with fat-free yogurt creates a lighter version of this classic dessert. Mint and chocolate really is a match made in heaven – this mousse is a true delight!


Cinnamon apple scones

Greek yogurt makes a fantastic alternative to butter in a variety of bakes, including these tasty apple scones. By lowering the fat content of the bake, you also lower the calorie content. These scones drizzled with vanilla glaze and filled yogurt and blackberries is such a tasty treat!


Feeling inspired to whip up one of our lighter wonders? Make sure to stock up on everything you need online or pop into your local store.