Stacked hot chocolate with brownies and caramel cereal killer cafe london

Newsflash: ‘Loaded’ hot chocolate is now a major trend and it’s going to make your mouth water!

Feast your eyes on the hot chocolates taking the Internet by storm

Newsflash: ‘Loaded’ hot chocolate is now a major trend and it’s going to make your mouth water!

Stop the press - you need to see the crazily decadent hot chocolate trend that’s currently taking the Internet by storm! Guaranteed to give you major food envy, the 'loaded hot chocolate' consists of a regular hot chocolate piled high with a towering stack of sweet chocolatey treats. 

These amazing hot chocolate towers are winter versions of the 'freakshake' trend that landed last summer. The freakshakes were originally conceived by Australian Canberra cafe Pâtissez and featured various milkshake flavours covered in everything from doughnuts to ice cream and biscuits. They have since crossed continents to be replicated by cafes such as Molly Bakes in London and The Great British Cupcakery in Newcastle.

Now, Cafe Passion Tree in Australia has taken the trend one step further by making the jump from cold to hot drinks and come up with the ‘loaded hot chocolate’. In a post to their Instagram account on Thursday, the cafe said they had released a Caramel Teaser, Campfire Smores, Rose Delight and Peanut Butter Cuppa hot chocolate range and boy, do they look amazing! Think decadent hot chocolates covered in everything from brownies and malteasers to oreos and marshmallows, and soaked in nutella, peanut butter, carmel and more. Take a look for yourself at the mouthwatering creations below.


Hot chocolate taken to the next level. �� Trying out @passiontreeaustralia's Winter menu!

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Closer to home, the trend has exploded in London with the Cereal Killer Café’s own creations Stacked Nutella Hot Chocolate, Stacked Salted Carmel Hot Chocolate and Stacked Peanut Butter Hot Chocolate. Could it get any more delicious?!

We're all drooling in the Good Living office and we have a sneaky suspicion you might be too. So why not try creating your own at home by following our Homemade Hot Chocolate or S'mores Hot Chocolate recipes and adding cream and your favourite toppings such as peanut butter cups and oreos? Be sure to share your creations with us on social media using #goodliving.


Hero Image Source: Cereal Killer Café