The scoop on ‘loaded’ ice cream and three amazing recipes you have to try

Prepare for a sensory overload!

The scoop on ‘loaded’ ice cream and three amazing recipes you have to try

‘Loading’ multiple ingredients on top of one another to complete a recipe is the new way to eat. It calls for an adventurous mix of different ingredients piled up high for an explosion of flavour in your mouth - and a feast for the eyes too. From Venezuelan hot dogs topped with mounds of fries, picked onions and cabbage to the more common sweet-laden fro-yos, the ‘loaded’ trend has been taking the nation by storm.

Loaded ice cream is by far the most colourful trend to try and is this summer’s mouthwatering sweet treat. It is a multi-tiered sundae with toppings that are guaranteed to tingle your taste buds. 

We’ve created our very own loaded ice cream recipes for you to try at home so that you can customise your dessert with your favourite ingredients. There’s a brownie and caramel fudge ice cream recipe, which is heaven in a mason jar for chocoholics, a tropical fro-yo that fruit fanatics will adore and our very own take on the Filipino Halo Halo sorbet – a frozen rainbow, made up of a medley of jelly, ice shards and fruit. So grab your ingredients, get the kids involved and have an hour of fun creating these loaded ice cream masterpieces!

Loaded mason glass ice cream

Halo Halo

  • Make up lime jelly according to packet instructions and leave to set in a shallow container. Use a fork to break the jelly into pieces. 
  • Colour water red using Asda natural food colouring and freeze until solid. Bash with the end of a rolling pin to make shards of ice.
  • Layer up cherries (canned or fresh), canned peaches and canned pineapple with evaporated milk, jelly, ice shards and scoops of Eton mess or raspberry ripple ice cream.

Tropical fruit loaded ice cream

  • Finely chop some kiwi fruit, mango, and strawberries - reserving a few pieces for garnish. Lightly toast some desiccated coconut. 
  • In a mason jar or milkshake glass, place a spoonful of the chopped fruit, drizzle over some Asda Extra Special mango and lime coulis.
  • Sit a scoop of Asda Good and Counted strawberry frozen greek style yoghurt on top. Add some more chopped fruit and coulis.
  • Repeat this layering several times - you should be able to get 3 scoops in your glass. Drizzle over some coulis, sprinkle with some toasted coconut and top with the reserved fruit pieces. Serve immediately.