Fried chicken

Introducing the first 100% vegan fried chicken shop

Calling all vegans and vegetarians...

Introducing the first 100% vegan fried chicken shop

Vegan foodies looking for a decent takeaway, look no further! London is set to get its first all vegan fried chicken shop - and we're pretty intrigued!

Street food business Temple of Seitan will be opening up the joint in Hackney next month.

The restaurant, which claims to be the ‘world’s first 100% vegan chicken shop’, will be serving up all kinds of amazing vegan fried 'poultry' in sandwiches and tubs when it opens in January.

This means you’ll be able to chow down on some popcorn chicken, munch your way through a sub or fill all your chicken cravings with some strips.

Talking to the Telegraph, Rebecca McGuinness from Temple of Seitan said: “We started making fried chicken as we saw there was a gap in the market and because it was one of our favourite foods before we were vegan.

“A lot of people say they would go vegan or vegetarian but they would miss this or that, but most people say they would miss chicken.

“There are so many chicken shops in London so we felt that if there was a vegan alternative, it may persuade people to give it a go, and if they liked it maybe they would change their minds about what they perceive vegan food to be.”


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Now, like us, you may be wondering how a chicken restaurant can claim to be vegan. The answer, however, lies in the company name.

Seitan is a meat alternative made from wheat protein powder and you can add seasonings to it such as garlic, salt and pepper to give it some added flavour.

So next time you're in London make sure you pop along to the restaurant which opens in January 2017.