8 lower-sugar desserts to satisfy your sweet tooth

These beautiful desserts may be lower in sugar but they don't sacrifice flavour

8 lower-sugar desserts to satisfy your sweet tooth

If you're trying to watch your sugar intake but can't resist reaching for something sweet, you'll love our round-up of no-sugar or lower-sugar recipes. 

You can indeed get your fix, without splurging on heaps of added sugar – from cakes and pancakes to melt-in-the-mouth sorbets and ice creams. Intrigued? Read on for eight irresistible sweet-treat recipes…

No-added-sugar desserts

Sweetened naturally with fruit, these recipes happen to be easy to rustle up, too. Win-win!

Raisin and almond milk ice cream

This creamy, almondy ice cream, sweetened with raisins, makes a delicious dessert option. Simply top with more chopped peanuts – or a sprinkling of grated dark chocolate if you're feeling indulgent! 

banana pancakes 

The secret to fluffy pancakes with NO added sugar? Ultra-ripe bananas, of course – the riper the better, in fact. There's no flour in the batter for these pancakes either, just mashed banana and eggs, so they couldn't be simpler. Serve with a sugar-free berry coulis and fresh berry fruits for the perfect breakfast.

Blueberry doughnuts 

Sweetened with naturally occurring sugars only – courtesy of juicy blueberries – these little doughnuts are a great breakfast or after-dinner treat. This recipe makes a batch of 18, so there will be plenty to go around, too!

mango sorbet 

As a hot-weather treat or dessert, you can't beat this simple mango sorbet. Just blitz frozen mango with orange and lime juices – no added sugar required – then freeze, scoop and enjoy!


Lower-sugar desserts 

These delicious springtime puds all contain less than half the refined sugar used in standard recipes* and are made with natural sweeteners, from fruit to agave nectar.

pomegranate panna cotta

Creamy panna cotta is sweetened with vanilla and pomegranate juice in this lower-sugar* take on the Italian classic.

Orange, raspberry & almond cake

This impressive bake is kept moist and sweet thanks to the puréed oranges and maple syrup. Ground almonds and whole raspberries offer an indulgent texture – you'd never know it was free of refined sugar!

pineapple hummingbird muffins

These fruity cakes, sweetened with pineapple and bananas, are topped with vanilla soft cheese and toasted pineapple sprinkles, adding a tropical edge and sophisticated finish.

Key lime jelly poke cake

Surprise 'pokes' of tangy, sugar-free jelly  run through this moutherwatering, zesty cake, sandwiched and finished with lime-infused whipped cream.

Feeling inspired to whip up a lower-sugar pud for dinner this evening? Make sure to stock up on everything you need at Asda or pop into your local store.

*Pomegranate panna cotta contains 5.8g sugar per 100g, compared with 20.7g sugar per 100g in a typical panna cotta recipe.

Orange, raspberry & almond cake contains 6.4g sugar per 100g, compared with 22g sugar per 100g in a typical orange, raspberry & almond cake.

Pineapple hummingbird muffins contain 6.8g sugar per 100g, compared with 15.6g sugar per 100g in Oat-So-Tasty Carrot Cake Muffins from the April 2017 issue of Asda Good Living.

Key lime jelly poke cake contains 7.7g sugar per 100g, compared with 31g sugar per 100g in a typical poke cake recipe.