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Tempting lunch ideas under 400 calories

Cutting down your calorie intake may seem daunting at first, but all it takes is a few simple swaps

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Tempting lunch ideas under 400 calories

With summer holidays just around the corner, many of us are starting to realise that those pounds we put on over Christmas months ago are still clinging to our waistlines…

But have no fear, trimming down your calorie intake is easy with some small swaps, and simply putting some extra thought into what you're having for lunch each day is a brilliant place to start.

We’ve put together some lunch ideas all under 400 calories that are both filling and delicious that will see you through until tea-time.

From lunch-box friendly pitta pockets to sumptuous fish stews, check out our fave waistline-friendly lunches here to help you shed those ghosts of mince pies past.

BBQ steak naked burritos (308 calories)

Salads make a brilliant low-cal option, although they do tend to get boring pretty quickly unless you keep mixing it up… This tasty BBQ steak salad has all of the delicious Tex-Mex elements of a saucy burrito, but by emitting the wrap, you keep all of the flavour at just a fraction of the calories - cheese included! 

And coming in at under 310 calories, you can also squeeze in a tasty fresh fruit pot. Our strawberry, apple and grape pot not only makes a great grab-and-go snack, but also contains just 72 calories.

Chicken Caesar salad wraps (281 calories)

We love a tasty Caesar salad. Crispy chicken, crunchy croutons and a flavour packed sauce - what’s not to like? But despite the healthy guise of a “salad”, this classic lunch tends to pack a punch calorie-wise. 

We’ve subbed out the croutons for a tortilla wrap, helping to fill you up for longer for the same amount of calories. And less lettuce means less dressing! Just half a tablespoon contains all of the flavour you need to give this wrap some truly irresistible saucy goodness. Still got room for afters? A tasty low-fat yogurt makes the perfect sweet end to this lunch - we love the sound of this 98 calorie cherry Bakewell number by Müller.

Greek salad pitta pockets (345 calories)

The best lunches are those that are easy, lunchbox-friendly and easy to eat on the go. These Greek salad pitta pockets loaded with Halkidiki olives and crumbled feta are super flavourful and make a brilliant lunchbox option filled with sophisticated flavours. 

Coming in at 345 calories for two pitta halves, feel free to grab a piece of fruit for a sweet end to your meal. We love these watermelon slices for just 23 calories, or why not try your hand at our floating melon ball jellies? Make these beauties on a Sunday and keep them in the fridge to grab throughout the week.

Brazilian-style fish stew (291 calories)

While your perceptions of fish stew might leave you thinking that silky, spiced broth needs to bubble for hours to achieve such depth of flavour, it’s actually a surprisingly quick meal - perfect for a midweek supper with leftovers for lunch! And at 291 calories per serving, you can even have a hunk of crusty, fresh baguette (a quarter of a home-baked baguette averages 94 calories) on the side to mop up all that gorgeous sauce, or one of our tasty, fruity strawberries and cream ice lollies - only 30 calories each!

Baked balsamic chicken & Mediterranean veg (266 calories)

Sunshine flavours from the Med will get you into the summer holiday mindset thanks to this delicious tray-bake of balsamic chicken with Mediterranean veg. Stuffed with sun-dried tomatoes and drizzled with a honey and thyme dressing, these tasty chicken breasts makes a delicious dinner which tastes just as good in lunch boxes the next day. And for 266 calories a pop, who could say no?

With such a low-cal lunch, you deserve a little treat! We love these low-calorie chocolate fudge brownies by Fibre One.

Jerk-spiced basa with pineapple salsa (182 calories)

Just because something’s low in calories doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice flavour. These jerk-spiced basa fillets pack a punch thanks to their spicy marinade, and at just 154 calories a serving, they’re perfect for calorie-conscious meals.

Throw some of our pineapple salsa on these bad boys for some complimentary sweetness to set off that chilli at 28 calories per serving, while half a pouch of microwavable rice for 190 calories will bulk it out and keep you feeling full. Finish off with one of our low-cal jellies for a sweet end to the meal.

Feeling inspired to make some small switches to lower your calorie-count this summer? Make sure to stock up on everything you need at Asda or pop into your local store.