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Make it in 15 minutes

These dinner recipes are ideal if you're after food that's fast yet full of goodness

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Make it in 15 minutes

It’s always good to have a few speedy recipes at hand for those evenings when you’re tight on time or fancy cooking up something tasty, quickly.

With these recipes you’ll be in and out of the kitchen within 15 minutes, ready to enjoy food that’s packed with flavour and vegetables.

Flatbread pizza with peppers and rocket

For a super-speedy fun main, this flatbread pizza is the recipe for you. Skip out on the complicated process of making a pizza base and use a heat-and-eat flatbread instead. Then, all you need to do is top it with peppers and mozzarella, cook, and finish with rocket and balsamic glaze. Simple!

Black Pepper Beef stir-fry

Food that's got the seal of approval from Michelin-starred chef Tom Kerridge, but is still ready before you know it? Sounds like a winner to us! Packed with vegetables, this beef stir-fry combines lean steak, peppers, onion, ginger and brown rice for healthier fast food.

Pork steaks with pan-fried kale

With its speedy nature and hearty ingredients, there are many reasons why this recipe could become an instant family fave. Seasoned with garlic and rosemary, the pork steaks taste delicious and the earthy kale is just the veg to go with them for a dinner that ticks all the boxes without taking hours.

Prawn and veg Thai broth

Broths make a great speedy dinner because they are deceptively simple to make. This noodle soup is light but brimming with prawns, pak choi, and green beans. It is fragrant too, seasoned with basil, lime and soy and fish sauce. A red chilli brings the heat to the Thai-inspired broth.

Pepper and cherry tomato gnocchi

There’s something comforting about gnocchi and combined with this sweet pepper and juicy tomato sauce, the pasta is transformed into a brightening winter warmer. Bringing a touch of Italy to your dinner table it is just the quick dinner needed when it’s grey, cloudy and cold outside.

Chicken and tomato courgetti bowl

This courgetti bowl is a great speedy lunch choice. Spiralise your courgettes, coat the chicken in pesto and then combine all the ingredients in a container. All you have to do before you can tuck in is zap it on a high heat in the microwave for up to five minutes – simple.


Speedy pork curry

A curry in 15 minutes? You better believe it! This pork curry is a winter winner. A combination of turmeric, Thai herbs, chillis, lemongrass and coconut milk make this curry pack a punch. It is a fragrant and creamy dinner that will be ready in no time. 


Rainbow salad rolls

Roll up, roll up! These rainbow salad rolls are an excellent plant-based lunch option and they'll be all wrapped up in a matter of minutes. Instead of tortillas, spring greens are filled with houmous, avocado, carrot, red pepper and cucumber for a crunchy and fresh carb-free meal.

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