The ultimate Christmas sarnie

Meals you need between Christmas and New Year

Transform those Christmas leftovers into one of these quick and tasty treats

Meals you need between Christmas and New Year

For some of us, foodie leftovers are one of the best things about Christmas – a reassuringly stocked fridge, bursting with different cheeses, meat, stuffing and vegetables. All you need to do is buy a few extra ingredients to whip up something delicious (and all the better if you can dig out any remaining condiments, too). Here are some tasty ideas...

The ultimate Christmas sarnie

We couldn't really do this round up without it. It needs no introduction – make sure you've got some nice bread in the freezer, and assemble a doorstopper sandwich with whatever meat, veg, stuffing and sauces you have available.

Bubble and Squeak

This is such a great dish for Boxing Day. Any leftover spuds, sprouts and onions can be fried up and served with cold turkey or gammon. If you're a vegetarian, serve your bubble and squeak with a fried egg, instead. Delicious.

Veggie Galette

This simple open pie uses up leftover roast vegetables, chestnuts, herby stuffing, cranberry sauce and any Stilton or Brie that's still hanging around in the fridge. Just make sure you've got some Ready to Roll pastry stacked away! It is also meat-free, though it would be delicious served with cold-cuts.

Turkey, ham and cider pot pies

These little pies are a substantial dinner in their own right. Using up turkey or chicken, plus ham, cider and veg, all you need to have on standby is some puff pastry and a few ramekins.



Gnocci with sage, Spinach & squash sauce 

Another great veggie dish to serve after all that Christmas Day meat, this gnocci recipe calls for diced butternut squash, spinach, goat's cheese and hazelnuts. Using mostly frozen or store cupboard ingredients, this  is a super-fast meal, too, with very little prep.

Crunchy apple and red cabbage salad with sausages

Clementines (or satsumas), maple syrup, apple, mustard and red cabbage are all things you probably already have hanging around in the kitchen. This sausage supper is ready in just 15 minutes, and the salad is a refreshingly crunchy alternative to all those roasties.

Baked tenderstem broccoli penne

There's nothing like a big bowl of pasta after all those heavy Christmas meals. Plus, this tenderstem broccoli penne recipe is insanely easy, and has very few ingredients. A lemon, some chilli flakes, broccoli, cheddar and a big old bag of pasta, and you're pretty much there.

And don't think for a second that we've forgotten about pudding. Want to use up that leftover panetonne? Look no further.

Berry Panetonne pudding 

This creamy, carby panetonne pudding combines dried and fresh fruit with a good swig of vanilla essence to revive that slightly stale panetonne. Best enjoyed warm, in a big bowl in front of the telly.

Fancy trying any of these recipes? Find everything you need to get started online or pop into your local store.