Sour-dough pizza

7 meals on a budget to try this summer

Try these cheap and cheerful meals – they'll be loved by the whole family...

7 meals on a budget to try this summer

You don't need to splurge on niche ingredients or cook for the masses to have a delicious lunch or dinner.

In fact, most of the tried and tested family favourites use the simplest of ingredients. From heart-warming pasta dishes and pizzas to omelettes and salads – the key to feasting on a budget is choosing your recipes (and ingredients) wisely. 

We’ve put together a list of meals that are delicious, purse-friendly and many of the ingredients you'll already have at home. So scour the cupboards, get your baking trays out and get cooking!


Mini muffin omelettes

Eggs are one of life's greatest ingredients because they are so versatile and filling. Whether you eat them for breakfast, lunch or dinner, whip these mini muffin omelettes up in just three simple steps to satisfy hungry mouths. This recipe makes 12, so is ideal for families big or small. Or if there are some leftovers, these ham, spinach and feta-filled beauties would taste just as delicious the next day – plus they are freezer friendly. 


Lentil spaghetti bolognese

This veggie delight is packed with ALL the flavours for not a lot of dosh. It's filled with tomatoes, mushrooms and onions but you can always add in more vegetables (or less) depending on your preference or according to what ingredients you've got in stock. The addition of spaghetti helps to bulk up the dinner and make it go further, meaning you might even have some lunch sorted for the following day!


No-knead sourdough pizza

This dish looks and tastes great and better yet, the kids will love getting stuck into making their own yummy pizza base. But perhaps the best thing about this no-knead sourdough pizza is the fact you load it with different toppings like leftover meat and vegetables. Or if you don't have any of those, just opt for some cheese. We'll have a pizza that!

Pea and sundried tomato risotto

At 74p per serving, this one-pan pea and sundried tomato risotto is a gamechanger. It contains just five ingredients, including: sun-dried tomatoes, small onions, frozen peas, Parmesan and Arborio Rice (which helps to give this savoury, Italian-inspired dish a creamy texture). Try it for yourself.




Shaved carrot and courgette salad

Hot summer days call for light and refreshing, cheap and cheerful salads. The best kind of salads are super fresh, super crunchy and you'd never know they were also super simple to make. Introducing our shaved carrot and courgette salad which is filled with rocket, red cabbage, thinly shredded radishes and spring onions and it could be on your plate and in your stomach within 10 minutes. Perfect for a lightweight lunch or al fresco dinner. 


Speedy squash and spinach curry

Ultra-quick if you need to eat now, but a fast make-ahead dish, too. The spicy flavours in this squash and spinach curry develop so it tastes even better the next day. It tastes great with just vegetables but if you felt like something was missing, throw some leftover chicken or meat into the equation for a quick and easy fix. 

Sweetcorn and courgette feta fritters

Flavour-packed fritters make the perfect Sunday brunch or speedy midweek dinner. We love how the crumbled up feta offers little pockets of intense flavour. We've topped this stack with a poached egg, using the yolk for a dipping sauce. Just look how appetising that looks! 


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