Slice them open and let the gooey goodness free!


The most exciting dessert to order in a restaurant? One with a rich, hidden centre of course! Now, you can whip up this tasty, show-stopping puds in the comfort of your own home and wow friends and family with your serious culinary skills...  

raspberry melting middle puddings 

Nothing winds up a sophisticated dinner party quite like an individual, chocolate fondant and these ones – with rich, indulgent, dark chocolate and fresh, tangy berries – won’t fail to impress.


minted brownie alaska 

Baked Alaska - also known as omelette norvégienne, omelette surprise, or omelette sibérienne - is a ‘surprise’ dessert of ice-cream covered in cake and topped with browned meringue. But by switching up a couple of the classic ingredients you can take this pudding to a whole new level.


melting heart double chocolate fondant puddings 

What could be better than creamy, chocolate ice-cream wrapped in a delicious, fluffy chocolate sponge and topped with sticky, gooey caramel sauce? The answer is very little. So give these a try! 

Christmas pudding ice cream bombe 

We’re taught never to judge a book by its cover and that is most definitely the case when it comes to this special seasonal dessert. At first glance, it looks just like a classic Christmas Pudding, but before you light it - take a slice and discover a surprise ice-cream centre!

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