Mexican food

Mexican picnic: Mix things up with a flavour fiesta

Pulled pork burrito al fresco, anyone?

Mexican picnic: Mix things up with a flavour fiesta

Want to create a picnic like no other? Take on an explosion of flavour and colour and picnic Mexican style!

From burritos brimming with spicy rice, flavoursome beans, creamy guacamole and cooling sour cream, to ready-made chicken & chorizo empanadas and hot and spicy stuffed jalapenos – flavour is king when it comes to Mexican meals. 

So, whether you're heading to your local park or making the most of your outdoor haven, here's how to have a flavour fiesta all summer long...

Pulled pork burrito wrap

You can't beat a burrito – especially when they're all wrapped up in tin foil which makes for easy travelling and no washing up. The two signs of great picnic material. We've used pulled pork in these wraps, but this recipe would work just as well with chicken, beef, or if you're a veggie, pile them high with peppers.


Cheese quesadillas

Sometimes, the best things in life are covered in cheese. Like our quick and easy Mexican classic: cheese quesadillas. Make these beauties just before your picnic plans so the cheese is still oozing by the time you come to eat it. Or make them well in advance as they can be enjoyed cold, too. Or, if you're really short on time, use our quesadilla kit


Pork fillet tacos with feta pineapple

Caramelised pineapple adds a sweet stickiness to this spiced Mexican treat of pork-filled tacos. Fill them with your chosen meat (or veggie filling), top them with peppers and don't forget lashings of salsa – you're sure to enjoy every mouthful as you bite into the crisp outer shell. Just try to not spill the contents everywhere!

Spicy beef nachos

These spicy beef nachos are best-served rustic because it's all about the taste. So go ahead and serve al fresco on a baking tray, tin foil or in a container. With this recipe, we've added a touch of spice but it isn't too hot, so it's perfect for all the family. Offer extra jalapenos or chopped fresh chillies for those who like their food with bite and serve it up with a side of tex mex dip. Yum!

Miguel Barclay's chicken fajitas

Perhaps the fans' favourite, chicken fajitas will forever have a place in our hearts (and stomachs). Try Miguel Barclay's super easy recipe and you can make your own tortilla wraps for pennies! 

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