Nutella and baileys fudge

4 amazing and quick recipes to make in your microwave

Tame your sugar cravings in an instant

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4 amazing and quick recipes to make in your microwave

There’s nothing more satisfying than seeing your sponge rise perfectly in the oven, is there?

But imagine being able to whip up a red velvet sponge in 12 minutes flat? Or how about creating 64 perfectly cubed parcels of Nutella and Baileys Irish Cream fudge in an instant?

'Not possible' you might think, but thanks to our range of quick microwavable recipes you'll be able to pop the ingredients into a mug, set the timer clock and instantly tame your sugar cravings. 

All you'll need is a microwave, a few ingredients and a spare 15 minutes. 

Lime Cheesecake

Our fuss-free version of the classic American Key Lime Pie is full of sunshine flavours. The citrus balances the creamy topping and sweet biscuit base for a rich yet refreshing finish. Serve in shot glasses for stylish mini desserts.

Nutella and Baileys fudge

Enjoy a grown-up treat with this rich, gooey blend of chocolate, hazelnut spread and Irish liqueur. It makes a lovely gift, too (ahem Mother's Day!)

You could use other liqueurs if you fancy in your fudge. For example try Tia Maria or Grand Marnier to add a hint of coffee or orange.

Red Velvet cake

Having an impromptu dinner party? You can whip up a lovely moist sponge in your microwave in less than 15 minutes – then simply top with our easy cream cheese frosting. To take it to the next level, serve with vanilla ice cream.

Turkish delight

Add an exotic twist to the end of dinner with this classic Middle Eastern delicacy – small, fragrant cubes of dense, sticky jelly flavoured with rose water. Serve straight from the fridge with a generous dusting of icing sugar. 

Feeling inspired to whip up a microwavable dessert? Make sure you stock up on a microwave and all the ingredients at Asda or pop into your local store