Feast on the Middle East with this delicious menu inspired by the region

From aromatic lemon saffron chicken to a spectacular rosewater-infused pud, the flavours of the Middle East are easy to recreate at home

Feast on the Middle East with this delicious menu inspired by the region

Husband-and-wife team Itamar Srulovich and Sarit Packer opened their Middle Eastern restaurant, Honey & Co, in 2012.

Itamar says: "Middle Eastern cuisine is all about regional and seasonal eating. Dishes are created from local and available ingredients, such as apricots in summer or artichokes in the spring. The result is a rich, diverse offering that differs from one country to the next.

"For example, in Egypt, falafel is made with broad beans, while Palestinians make theirs with chickpeas flavoured with sesame and cinnamon. Palates differ, from the delicate spices of Lebanon to the Iraqi mix of sweet-and-sour seasonings.

"Israeli food is a melting pot of global cuisines and cultures, so you get dishes like chicken schnitzel with a chopped salad and tahini.

"What really brings Middle Eastern cuisine together, is a love of vegetable-based dishes, with lots of grains, pulses and warm spices, like cinnamon, coriander and cumin. It’s vibrant comfort food, ideal for sharing with friends and family. Try it for yourself with these delicious recipes from Good Living."

Baba ganoush dip

This fruity dip is rich and moreish, perfectly paired with toasted pittas or crunchy veggie crudités.

Itamar says: "Made from smoked aubergine, tahini, garlic and lemon, this is ideal for feeding a crowd."


Use up leftover pittas you've got hanging around in this lunchbox-ready salad.

Itamar says: "‘Perfect for lunch. Let the bread soak up the lemony seasoning."

lemon saffron chicken

Fragrant saffron gives this lemony chicken some beautiful colour. Partner with mujadara (left), a mildly-spiced side dish made with lentils, rice and slow-cooked onions, for all-round satisfying supper.

Itamar says: "Grilling is a popular way to cook meat in the Middle East. It keeps things simple and lets the flavours speak for themselves."

Pistachio pavlova with rosewater berries

Pistachios and rose are popular ingredients in sweets in the Middle East, and both lend themselves beautifully to pillowy, delicate meringue.

Itamar says: "Traditionally, there aren’t many desserts served in the Middle East, but this dish makes the most of beautiful flavourings like rosewater and pistachio."


Zingy and refreshing, this lemonade-like slushie is the best way to battle hot summer days.

Itamar says: "The ultimate thirst quencher in Israel, made with the fresh lemons and mint grown there."

Honey & Co At Home: Middle Eastern Recipes from Our Kitchen by Sarit Packer and Itamar Srulovich, photography by Patricia Niven, is out now.