Chef and instagram foodie miguel barclay

Miguel Barclay’s ultimate veggie feast

The Instagram chef is back, with incredible meat-free dishes your family will love

Miguel Barclay’s ultimate veggie feast

By popular demand, our fave Insta-chef is back – and this time he’s cooking up delicious, super-affordable meals for our vegetarian special. 

"I'm not aiming for a Michelin star. There’s no fancy or hard-to-find ingredients in these dishes"

His book, One Pound Meals, was born out of an obsession with creating easy and affordable recipes. "I’ve been experimenting with this style of cooking for the past 10 years,’ he says. ‘Instead of adding ingredients to make a dish stand out, I actually take them away and find shortcuts in order to make tasty meals that take as little time and effort to cook as possible."

Miguel, who now has more than 137,000 followers on Instagram, felt inspired to follow his passion for cooking after spending his teens working in restaurants, washing up. 

"I'm not aiming for a Michelin star. There’s no fancy or hard-to-find ingredients in these dishes – you’ll probably have most of them in your kitchen already. Prepared and processed foods can be expensive, so I make everything from scratch, using only fresh ingredients."

His top tips? "Vegetarian meals are usually cheaper to rustle up, so spend your cash on choice ingredients such as cheese and eggs. Bulk out dishes with grains, lentils and rice, and choose good-value veg, such as mushrooms, tomatoes and aubergines."

Here are five recipes to inspire your midweek repertoire...

sweetcorn, courgette and feta fritters 

Feta makes these fritters extra tasty, while the egg yolk is a perfect dipping sauce! Enjoy these sweetcorn, courgette and feta fritters for breakfast, lunch or dinner!


Fiorentina Pizza

Looking for a fun variation on classic pizza? Make your own pizza from scratch with this Fiorentina -  just remember to leave the dough overnight for proving.


Gnocchi al forno

You can buy gnocchi ready-made in most supermarkets and still cook this dish for under £1. Just make the quick sauce, add some blue cheese, throw in some veg and you have a very posh-sounding gnocci al forno. 


Mushroom risotto

Risotto is an important dish for One Pound Meals. It illustrates how you can elevate a simple ingredient like rice into a delicious meal. Yum!


Goan cauliflower curry

This curry dish tastes really creamy and indulgent but the sauce is made with just milk and flour. It is so simple to make, and you could throw in any leftover vegetables you have in the fridge.


Butternut squash tagliatelle

This pasta dish is the best way we've seen butternut squash used. Bake in the oven, mash with a fork and hey presto you have a delicious, thick and super easy pasta sauce. 



Feeling inspired to cook up one of Miguel's creations? Make sure you head to Asda or pop into your local store to pick up all the ingredients