Simple and delicious bakes for Mother’s Day

From scones and cookies to cupcakes and meringues, these are the best baked treats for Mother's Day

Simple and delicious bakes for Mother’s Day

Mother's Day doesn't have to mean spending a fortune on gifts or an extravagant afternoon tea. There are few better ways to show your love and appreciation than with a tasty homemade bake or breakfast.

Do you fancy rustling up a cake, brownies, scones, pastries or the simplest fridge cake? We have ideas for every taste and skill level.

Kids can easily get involved, too – our round-up of recipes includes a few simple, non-bake options, so all you'll need to do is have the ingredients on standby. 

blueberry scones 

Scones packed with juicy blueberries and filled with lemon curd – how can you go wrong? This recipe is a fantastic alternative to classic scones, substituting sultanas for berries, jam for lemon curd and clotted cream for mascarpone. They're quick and easy to throw together with kids, and will make a wonderful surprise for mum, too.

fresh cream jewelled eclairs 

These tempting-looking eclairs aren't as tricky to make as you'd think. Once your choux pastry is ready the real fun begins – decorating each one with coloured icing, crushed pistachios, rose petals or gold sprinkles. 

fruity soda bread snail

Planning on cooking with your kids this Mother's Day? Baking expert Briony Williams loves to make this cute snail-shaped bread with her daughter Nora. It combines two flavoured doughs, which are peppered with raisins or cranberries. Served warm with lots of butter, this is as enjoyable to eat as it is to make.

Chocolate AND raspberry meringues 

This is one low-fuss recipe: using ready-made meringues, all you need to do is melt some chocolate to fold into whipped cream. Kids will enjoy assembling these pretty treats, with fresh raspberries and sprigs of mint.

Carrot cake cupcakes

Who'd have thought carrot cake could get even tastier? Our version includes grated juicy apple for a fresh, fruity twist. The kids will love getting involved in measuring, stirring and dolloping before presenting to mum on a special platter. 


Chocolate fridge cake 

Chocolate fridge cake – or tiffin cake as it's often called – is always a winner. Get the kids involved with mixing in the rice snaps, cherries, digestive biscuits and raisins. And they'll love piping the icing on top too! Serve up your homemade treat alongside a cuppa for the ultimate elevenses snack. 

Fudge and white chocolate cookies

If your mum's a cookie monster then these American-inspired fudge and white chocolate treats are bound to go down well. The kids will be able to help with spooning the mixture onto trays before baking. Once cooked pour a cold glass of milk and don't forget to save some for mum! We love this stack tied in a bow for top marks on presentation...

Yogurt and raspberry bark

Colourful, fruity and very easy to make, this yogurt and raspberry bark will have your mum feeling spoilt in no time. Even really young kids can help make this no-cook treat as a gift for their favourite lady. Simply mix together yogurt and vanilla paste, before pouring in a tray and swirling with raspberry jam. Decorate with 100s and 1000s and choco beans, then freeze! Simples. It's a treat for the eyes and stomach.

Chocolate and orange brownies

Nothing says 'I love you' more than a batch of beautiful brownies, right? And these chocolate and orange brownies are no exception. Gooey and oh-so chocolately on the inside, these citrus-infused treats are simply irresistible. Get the kids involved with stirring all the ingredients together. Once cooked, decorate with icing sugar and orange rinds and you'll have a brilliant bake in no time. 

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