10 of the best breakfasts for Mother’s Day

Make Mother's Day morning extra special

10 of the best breakfasts for Mother’s Day

Whether you're paying your mum a visit this Mother's Day or keeping your fingers crossed for a treat of your own, we think a freshly prepared breakfast in bed is the ultimate expression of love.

It needn't be complicated, either – from a frothy chai latte to a warm cherry pastry, or even a bowl of homemade cereal, we've rounded up some simple and delicious recipes that you, your partner or kids can throw together in mere minutes.

Frothy chai latte

This frothy chai latte is quick and easy to rustle up, even for kids. You could make a couple for you and your mum to enjoy enjoy together, or slurp it down from the comfort of your bed.

pancakes with ricotta and raspberries

No cooking is required to make this particular breakfast – the pancakes are ready made! Kids can mash up the raspberries to make a fresh coulis, as well as preparing the lemony ricotta.

Crumpets with avocado & chilli

These crumpets with avocado and chilli are so speedy to assemble – but leave any chopping to the adults! Kids can help arrange the toppings. This recipe makes four, so everyone can get involved.

nutella & mixed berry brioche bruschetta

Kids can have fun decorating these slices of sweet toasted brioche, which are smothered in Nutella and topped with juicy berries.

white chocolate and toffee mocha

We can think of plenty of mums that would like to wake up to this white chocolate and toffee mocha. Make sure to use a microwave-safe mug – the coffee and white chocolate can just be whisked into the hot milk.

Cherry & pistachio pastries

Serve these delicious cherry pastries warm from the oven with a cup of coffee as a lazy weekend breakfast treat for your lovely mum. If you can't get hold of fresh cherries, try using frozen ones instead - they will work just as well.

Mum's muesli

If your mum doesn't want to have a heavy breakfast, treat her to a bowl of pepped up homemade cereal in bed, along with a glass of juice and a cup of tea.

Ham-wrapped asparagus with a poached egg

So simple, yet so very tasty, this recipe combines seasonal asparagus with salty prosciutto and a perfectly poached egg. Serve with crusty bread to mop up that yolky goodness... Yum!

Blueberry burst pancakes

It's a well known fact that mums LOVE pancakes, and these blueberry treats are ready in just 15 minutes. You could try adding some banana into the mixture for an even fruitier flavour, or try serving with crispy bacon on top.

Croissant with scrambled eggs

Bake mum a delicious French-style flaky pastry to serve with creamy, savoury scrambled eggs mixed with salty ham. This is next level eggs on toast.

If you're not the world's best chef, not to worry, you can make her a nice gift tray instead. Surprise your mum with flaky croissants, jam and a pot of tea. Don't forget flowers and a card too! 

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