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The Hairy Bikers’ Favourite Foodie Moments

We talk to Si and Dave about food, childhood memories and shedding the pounds...

The Hairy Bikers’ Favourite Foodie Moments

Meet The Hairy Bikers, Si King and Dave Myers, the UK's most popular cookery writing duo. Lifelong cooks with big hearts and a love of good food, they’ve been cooking together for over twenty years. When they’re not in the kitchen, they love nothing more than exploring Britain and abroad to get inspiration for their latest culinary masterpieces.

Si King, 48, the fairer-haired biker, was born in Newcastle, North East England. He has three sons and divides his time between Newcastle and Italy – when he's not travelling around with Dave, that is! Dave Myers, 58, is the one with specs from Strictly. Born and bred in Barrow-in-Furness in North West England, he met his wife, Lili, while filming in Transylvania and lives in Barrow-in-Furness and the Loire Valley. 

We caught up with both halves of The Hairy Bikers for some quick fire questions, to bring you some prime foodie inspiration. Bon appetite! 

What did you have for breakfast?

Si Blueberries and yogurt.

Dave A tomato wrap with Cumberland sausage and scrambled eggs.

First thing you cooked?

Si A loaf of soda bread with the very careful guidance of my mother.

Dave A cheese and potato pie, when I was eight.

Childhood favourite food?

Si Beef flat-rib broth with my mother’s homemade bread to dip in it.

Dave My mother’s fishcakes.

Most exciting food discovery?

Si Pyttipanna, Swedish corned beef hash. Awesome!

Dave Truffle oil. It’s wonderful on everything from mashed potato to pizza. 

Best food experience?

Si Parmesan truffle fries at Peace & Loaf in Newcastle.

Dave Warm pecorino, olive oil, truffle and dippy bread.

Worst food experience?

Si Dirty chitterlings (pigs’ intestines).

Dave Mopane worms in Namibia – they taste like rotting beef and a teenager’s trainer.

Most breathtaking place you’ve visited?

Si I would say Messum Crater in Namibia.

Dave Wastwater in the Lake District.

Favourite roast?

Si Rolled sirloin with a salt and mustard crust.

Dave Pork and all the trimmings.

Quick weekday supper?

Si Parmesan chicken.

Dave Pasta. The simpler, the better.

Most comforting food?

Si A bacon sandwich made with sourdough bread.

Dave My wife’s polenta with smoked belly pork and baked cheese.

Top snack?

Si Blueberries.

Dave Sushi.

Favourite restaurant? 

Si House of Tides in Newcastle or Pham Sushi in London.

Dave Tom Kerridge’s pub The Hand & Flowers in Marlow.

Worst kitchen habit?

Si Leaving tea bags in the bottom of the sink.

Dave I’m a messy cook.

How do you handle picky eaters?

Si I try not to make friends with them...

Dave I do my best to oblige them, then give up. I blame the parents.

Proudest moment?

Si Seeing my children born.

Dave Winning a National Book Award for The Hairy Dieters.

Tips to shed the pounds?

Si Eat less, do more – it really is that simple. Nuts are a good option to stave off sugar cravings, so is yogurt and honey, because honey is a natural sugar.

Dave Buy a set of bathroom scales – that way you can’t delude yourself. 

You can join the Hairy Bikers’ Diet Club to follow Si and Dave’s journey to health at Like what you read? Pick up your own copy of their books jam-packed with amazing recipes, including The Hairy Dieters: Fast Food By Hairy Bikers, from Asda online and in select stores nationwide.