My Kitchen Drawer's Teddy Bear Bun recipe

My Kitchen Drawer’s Teddy Bear Buns

These look almost too cute to eat!

My Kitchen Drawer’s Teddy Bear Buns

Soft, sweet and super cute, we've found our new favourite treat in these Teddy Bear Buns!

The adorable teddy-shaped goodies are made from a sweet dough and reminiscent of the iconic iced buns we all know and love. But perhaps the best bit? They have been dipped in icing and rolled in desiccated coconut for an extra hit of sweetness. 

Self-taught baker Alix, from My Kitchen Drawer, has shared the recipe and method for these melt-in-the-mouth delicacies. Keep reading to discover how to make these beauties...


For the dough

  • 125g strong white flour
  • 125g plain flour
  • 1 tsp yeast
  • 1 tsp salt
  • 25g soft butter
  • 1 tbsp caster sugar
  • 50ml warm milk (or a dairy-free alternative)
  • 1 small egg
  • 50ml warm water


For the decoration

  • 150g icing sugar
  • 2 ½ tbsp milk
  • Pinch of cocoa powder (to colour the icing sugar)
  • 50g desiccated coconut
  • 6 white chocolate buttons
  • 6 dark chocolate chips
  • 12 edible eyes



  1. Put both flours into a mixing bowl then add the yeast to one side and salt to the opposite side. (This prevents the salt from killing the yeast.)
  2. Add the butter, sugar, milk and egg and then gradually bring the ingredients together using a wooden spoon. Add the warm water bit by bit until you have a soft, sticky dough.
  3. Tip the dough onto a lightly floured surface and knead together for 10 minutes until the dough is smooth and stretchy.
  4. Bring the dough into a ball, put it into an oiled bowl and cover with a tea towel or cling film to rise in a warm place for 1-2 hours or until the dough has doubled in size.
  5. Tip the dough out of the bowl and knead together again to push the air out then bring it into a smooth ball.
  6. Divide the ball into 7 pieces, and shape 6 into round buns. Arrange them onto a lined baking tray in rows of three and about 1 inch apart. Then divide the last piece of dough into 12 smaller balls and place two above each bun to make teddy bear ears.
  7. Preheat the oven to 200c/gas 6. Cover the buns with a damp tea towel or oiled cling film and leave to rise again for 1 hour.
  8. Bake for 15-20 minutes until golden then leave to cool. Leave the oven on.
  9. To decorate, firstly spread the desiccated coconut onto a baking tray and put it into the oven to toast for a few minutes; keep your eye on this as it will toast quite quickly.
  10. Add the icing sugar, milk and cocoa powder together until you have a mixture that is runny but still coats the back of a spoon. Then one at a time, dip the buns top down into the bowl of icing until well coated.
  11. Place onto a baking tray and then sprinkle with the toasted coconut until well coated.
  12. To make the face, stick the white chocolate button onto the iced bun, add the dark chocolate chip for the nose followed by two edible eyes above.
  13. Leave to set for 20 minutes then serve and enjoy.
  14. These are best eaten on the day but will last for 2-3 if kept in an air-tight container.


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