Happy National Beer Day! Celebrate with us…

Beer facts and recipes to enjoy today (or tomorrow, or the next day...)

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Happy National Beer Day! Celebrate with us…

Beer. From pale ale and bitters to porter and stout, our nation does love a good pint. And with today being National Beer Day, what better excuse is there to crack open a cold one and read some beer-related facts?

Did you know?

National Beer Day is traditionally celebrated in America as the end of the Prohibition on April 7th 1933.

According to alcohol website Vinepair, Carling is the most popular beer of choice for the UK. 

There are now over 1,700 breweries in the UK.

The oldest known recipe in the world is for beer and without women, there’d be no beer. According to Beer Genie, an ancient myth states that the first person to write about beer was the Sumerian goddess Ninkasi who scribbled down a recipe for beer onto a clay tablet!

A love of beer is rooted in our history. Another ancient myth says that the Vikings believed a giant goat whose udders provided an endless supply of beer is what awaited them in Valhalla, the Viking heaven. 

According to the study 'Beer & calories; a scientific review' the ‘beer belly’ is a myth, but you still have to watch how much you drink.

People from the Czech Republic drink more beer per head than any other nation.

Without beer, we wouldn't have one of the wonders of the world – the Egyptian pyramids – as stonecutters, slaves and public officials were paid in a type of beer called ‘kash’.

If you can’t make it out for happy hour, you can check out some of Asda's best beer deals online, or better yet, why not try some of these beer inspired recipes?

Fish in beer batter with chunky chips

Steak and ale pie

Coffee-rubbed beef brisket with beer

Beef casserole with beer

Whatever you do to celebrate Beer Day, remember to drink responsibily!