Mac ’n’ cheese with beer and a crispy bacon crumb

Happy National Beer Day! Celebrate with us…

Pair your pint with one of these super-tasty beer-based recipes

Happy National Beer Day! Celebrate with us…

Beer. From pale ale and bitters to porter and stout, our nation sure does love a good pint. And with today being National Beer Day, what better excuse is there to crack open a cold one?

We've rounded up the best beer-based recipes to complement your pint…

Fish in beer batter with chunky chips

It doesn't get much more simple or delicious than that British favourite – fish and chips. Why add lager? Well, not only does it add a tasty savoury flavour to batter, but the bubbles mean it'll crisp up beautifully, too. 

steak and ale pie 

Another very British classic (and the ultimate comfort food dish), has to be steak and ale pie. We've used readymade puff pastry to cut down on prep time – and used both ale and beef stock to ramp up the flavour of this foolproof dish.  

Coffee-rubbed beef brisket with beer 

Slow-cooking brisket in beer – on a bed of onions – results in one tasty gravy. Serve this roast with creamy mash and veg – perfect for a chilled out Sunday at home.

mac 'n' cheese with beer and a crispy bacon crumb

Ale and cheese work perfectly together – so it's no wonder this mac 'n' cheese recipe is so delicious! Top with a crunchy mix of bacon, breadcrumbs, herbs and cheese, and bake for around 20 minutes until golden and bubbling. Mouthwateringly good…

Beef casserole with beer 

Another beer and beef combo! This casserole is a must for rainy days or chilly evenings. Packed with stewing steak, veg, stock and light ale, we've served ours with crusty baguette – but it would be just as good dolloped over a hot baked potato.

Whatever you do to celebrate Beer Day, remember to drink responsibly!

Head to to stock up on all the ingredients you will need. Or why not pop into your local store!

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