7 reasons why Metis® is our new favourite fruit

The new stoned fruit is a cross between a plum and an apricot

7 reasons why Metis® is our new favourite fruit

There’s a new fruit on the food block and it’s called a Metis®.

The stone fruit is a cross between a plum and an apricot – a pluot if you will. It’s got the sweetness of a perfect plum, the juiciness of a ripe apricot and a bit of a crunch.

"It’s a mix of different sensations," said Carlos Garcia, manager of the orchard Villanueva, where the fruit is grown in southern Spain. "It’s such a diverse fruit. There are a lot of different colours and textures and tastes."

Just like apples, Metis® come in different varieties, which have slightly different looks and flavour profiles. There's the Oxy, which is a crunchy dark-skinned fruit with a deep and juicy red flesh. Its sister, Tonic, has a lighter, shinier skin and when you take a bite you'll reveal a light yellow flesh which has a honey-like sweetness to it. 

The Aroma variety has a pretty pattern on its skin and when you cut into it you'll be amazed by its ombre colouring with the red flesh slowly turning into yellow.

But you could say the most interesting Metis® of them all is the Safari, which also happens to be Carlos' favourite. He said: "It's the taste - it's really, really good - the firmness, because it's very crunchy - and also because of the colourful red and yellow surprise you get when you bite into it." 

Convinced? Us too. Here are seven more reasons why it’s fast becoming our new favourite fruit. 

1. they taste sweet like candy

Thought delicious sweet-tasting things were only made in factories? You thought wrong. Asda's stone fruit expert Alberto Goldbacher, described metis® as, "so unique - they have these candy-like sweet characteristics that stop you in your tracks.

"Words like candy and bubblegum are a really good way of describing the flavour," added Alberto - and we think that's something definitely worth tasting.

2. Children love them 

Metis® are also proving very popular with kids. Alberto continued, "I took a punnet of the bubblegum plums home and when you see the whole lot being devoured in seconds by the kids you know you’re onto something. But it's not just children who love them – we're finding these new flavour profiles are appealing to all ages."

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3. It's taken years to perfect the ratio 

Three generations of farmers have made it their life's work to figure out the perfect ratio of apricot to plum. For all those that wondering, it's 60% plum, 40% apricot!

4. They are naturally made

There's nothing genetically modified here, it's all natural. Bees play the leading role in developing the fruit. Natural cross-pollination between apricot and plum blossoms is the first step then the resulting hybrid fruit is cross pollinated again with plum trees to get Metis®. 

All the cross pollination is done by hand with a brush, or naturally by bees. 

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5. They’re in season now

The tasty treats are in season for six months of the year, which means from June until the end of November you'll be able to taste, enjoy and explore the different varieties. 

6. You can cook with them

Just like plums, you can cook them in lots of different recipes. Put them in your favourite crumble, top them on a tasty tart or eat them grilled with tangy goats' cheese, balsamic vinegar and spinach salad. Perfection!

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7.  They've been lovingly picked

When the fruits are ready to be picked, workers will scour the orchards for just under seven hours a day, to lovingly handpick the fruit fresh from the trees. After being given the once over, they're put in a box, ready to be packaged just for you. 

Feeling inspired to have a taste? Make sure you stock up on everything you need at Asda or pop into your local store