Refreshing no-bake desserts to make during a heatwave

Fancy something sweet, but don't want to spend hours slaving over the oven in the already blistering heat? We've got you covered

Refreshing no-bake desserts to make during a heatwave

There’s one thing we’d rather not do when we’re hosting a summer soirée, and that’s slave over the oven trying to rustle up a cake, pavlova or tart when we’d much rather be outside making the most of the weather.

To offer an alternative to this scorching scene, we’ve compiled some of our favourite no-bake dessert recipes for the hottest days of summer so you can spend less time slaving over the oven - adding even more unnecessary heat to your already boiling kitchen - and more time out in the garden soaking up the sunshine.

From fridge-set cheesecakes to Latin American-inspired fro-yos and decadent chocolate and caramel tarts, check out our favourite no-bake puds here, no oven required. You’re welcome.


Trifles are so easy and involve no ovens. Ideal. You can pretty much put in whatever you like, but our summer fruits trifle combines layers of ready-made raspberry Swiss rolls, fresh raspberries and strawberries, creamy custard and whipped cream. You don't get much more British than that! 

Or go all tropical and make our individual mango and banana trifles, spiked with white rum for that ultimate tropical taste. Your guests will love tucking into these pretty puddings topped with toasted almonds.

Summer fruit trifle

Pies and tarts

Pies, tarts and flans are a great no-bake option if you can get your hands on a pre-made pastry case. Our caramel chocolate tart is rich, decadent and ultra-luxe. Using a pre-baked pastry case turns this luxurious pudding into a deceptively easy dessert you can rustle up in a matter of minutes.

Biscuit bases are also a great no-bake base option; our light and airy lemon flan is both voluptuous and refreshing, thanks to the citrus tang of fresh lemon zest, while our impressive banoffee mountain pie with coffee-spiked cream is a lively take on the ultimate comfort pud classic.

Caramel and chocolate tart

Ice cream

Nothing beats ice cream when it comes to cooling down after a day in the sunshine. Our summer berry ice cream is smooth and refreshing, and you don’t even need an ice cream maker to rustle it up! It's just a case of beating whipping cream and condensed milk together. Easy peasy! Or, if you fancy something with a bit more oomph, our dulce de leche fro-yo blends sweet caramel with tart Greek yogurt in a heavenly flavour fusion.

Dulce de leche frozen yogurt


No-bake cheesecakes are brilliant for summer soirées and will happily sit in the fridge for hours, or even up to a day, until you’re ready to serve. 

Our chocolatey cheesecake with berries is seriously luxurious. The melted chocolate folded into the filling helps it to set and reach that ultra velvety texture of a baked cheesecake without having to turn the oven on. Or, if you fancy something a bit fresher to combat those summer sweats, our light, vanilla-spiked strawberry cheesecake is silky smooth and dinner party-ready, making the most of the season’s best strawberries.

Strawberry cheesecake

All this hot weather got you craving some of our no-bake sweet treats? Make sure to stock up on everything you need at Asda or pop into your local store.

Or, if you'd rather cut out the kitchen completely, check out our full ranges of fresh, frozen and bakery desserts here.