One basket… five meals

Create five delicious family dishes from one basket of shopping – and all for £30 or less

One basket… five meals

You truly can eat delicious, wholesome dishes with minimal fuss – and cost. Our Food Editor Gregor says: ‘When you’re cooking meals for the family through the week, you can often end up with half-used packs of ingredients left over. But with our pre-planned meal menu, you can buy all you need for five meals in advance, then use it through the week – with no waste'.

He adds: 'On top of the ingredients on the shopping list, the recipes include small amounts of store-cupboard or fridge basics, such as milk, oil and black pepper. The cost of these isn’t included in the total, as you’ll probably have them in stock… Happy shopping!’

Feeling inspired? Here's what you'll need...

250g pack Extra Special Tenderstem Broccoli
325g pack Grower’s Selection Cherry Tomatoes
180g bag Asda Mild Baby Leaf Salad
1 bunch Grower’s Selection Spring Onions
25g pack Grower’s Selection Flat Leaf Parsley
1kg loose white baking potatoes
3-pack Grower’s Selection Red Onions
3-pack Farm Stores Mixed Peppers (red, yellow and green)
180g bag Asda Mild Baby Spinach

225g pack Extra Special Spicy Spanish Chorizo
500g pack Asda Italian Fresh Egg Spaghetti
6 medium free-range eggs
454g pack Butcher’s Selection 8 British Caramelised Onion Turkey Sausages

150g pack Scratch Cook Chopped Garlic
545g bag Birds Eye frozen Petits Pois
700g bag Frozen for Freshness Sweet Potato Chunks
400g pack Asda 4 frozen Cod Fillets

70g pack Le Phare du Cap Bon Harissa Paste
400g tin Asda Chickpeas in Water
326g tin Smart Price Sweetcorn

Rapeseed oil
Black pepper
Bread (for fresh breadcrumbs)
Semi-skimmed milk

Now you have your ingredients, let's see what you can make with them...

Monday: Spaghetti with broccoli & chorizo

With five minutes of prep and 15 minutes cooking time, this is one speedy dish. Chorizo adds lots of delicious flavour, while ready-chopped garlic and fresh egg spaghetti are fantastic shortcut ingredients. Season with a handful of chopped parsley and serve alongside a green salad. What could be better on a Monday?

Tuesday: Vegan nuggets with spicy wedges and tomato salad 

These vegan nuggets are simply made from chickpeas, petits pois, spring onions, garlic and breadcrumbs. With spicy potato wedges and a zingy tomato and corn salad, this Tuesday-night supper can be on the table in under an hour. 

Wednesday: Sweetcorn, pea & sweet potato frittata 

You'll need just 10 minutes of prep time to knock together this tasty frittata. We've used frozen sweet potato chunks and peas and tinned sweetcorn, so very little chopping and dicing is required. Serve with a baby leaf salad and some crusty bread, if desired.

Thursday: Chorizo cod with pea & potato smash 

Flaky cod, salty chorizo and sweet peas – this tasty supper looks impressive, but is incredibly easy to prepare. We've used frozen cod fillets and petits pois, and have served the fish with creamy mashed potato. Yum!

Friday: Turkey sausage & sweet potato hash

Counting as two of your five a day, this turkey sausage and sweet potato hash is also a great low fat supper, at just 369 calories per serving. Using diced, frozen sweet potato, prep is minimal, with a bag of mild baby spinach stirred through right at the end. 

Fancy giving any of these recipes a go? Find everything you need from our shopping list online, or pop into your local store.