Creamy veg pasta

One basket five meals - featuring pesto, cherry tomatoes and piri piri seasoning

Create five delicious family dishes from one basket of shopping - and all for £30 or less*

One basket five meals - featuring pesto, cherry tomatoes and piri piri seasoning

You truly can eat delicious, wholesome dishes with minimal fuss – and cost. Our Food Editor Gregor says: ‘When you’re cooking meals for the family through the week, you can often end up with half-used packs of ingredients left over. But with our pre-planned meal menu, you can buy all you need for five meals in advance, then use it through the week – with no waste'.

He adds: 'On top of the ingredients on the shopping list, the recipes include small amounts of store-cupboard or fridge basics, such as milk, oil and black pepper. The cost of these isn’t included in the total, as you’ll probably have them in stock… Happy shopping!’

Feeling inspired? Here's what you'll need...

1 bunch Grower's Selection Spring Onions
1 bulb Grower's Selection Garlic
180g pack Asda Mild Baby Spinach
1 Grower's Selection Lemon
160g pack Grower's Selection Sugarsnap Peas
150g pack Grower's Selection Asparagus
1 pack Grower's Selection Red Chillis
25g pack Grower's Selection Chives
325g pack Grower's Selection Cherry Tomatoes
2 x 60g packs Asda Strong Wild Rocket
300g pack Asda Creamy Coleslaw Kit with Mayonnaise
1 Grower's Selection Large Avocado
25g pack Grower's Selection Coriander
1 Grower's Selection Lime
2 Grower's Selection Red Onions
1 pack Grower's Selection 2 Sweet Potatoes
1 pack Grower's Selection 4 Sweetcorn Cobettes

500g pack Asda Fresh Egg Fusilli
200g pack Asda 50% Less Fat Light Original Soft Cheese
100g pack Asda Grated Parmigiano Reggiano Parmesan
Asda 6 Large Free Range Eggs
300g pack Butcher's Selection British Chicken Breast Fillet Portions
500g Asda Gnocchi
400g pack Butcher's Selection 8 Reduced Fat British Pork Sausages

600g pack Frozen for Freshness Sliced Mixed Peppers

190g jar Sacla Reduced Fat Tomato Pesto
60g jar Asda Piri Piri Seasoning
Asda 8 White Mini Wraps

Rapeseed oil
Black pepper

Here's what we're rustling up for dinner this week...

MONDAY: Creamy green veg pasta

'Pasta is a popular and versatile choice, and the fresh version is super-quick to cook. Ideal for a speedy supper or feeding a crowd at short notice.'

Bursting with sweet, fresh veg in a creamy sauce, this speedy supper is a real winner.

Tuesday: Spinach and cherry tomato omelette

Gregor says, 'Grated Parmesan is a great fridge hero for adding instant pep to egg dishes, pasta sauces and salads.'

This lovely frittata has hidden pockets of cream cheese for a rich and creamy finish.

Wednesday: Chicken and mixed pepper fajitas

Fajitas are a real crowd pleaser, bursting with crunchy veg and spicy filling. They're also super quick and simple to throw together!

Gregor says, 'Make slaw from scratch without the fuss by using our hand DIY coleslaw kit.'

Thursday: Mixed pepper and rocket pan-fried gnocchi

Pillowy little potato gnocchi are quick to cook and great for weeknights. We love the way they hold this tangy cherry tomato and pepper sauce.

Gregor says, 'Cooking with frozen peppers is quick and convenient with no waste.'

Friday: Piri piri sweet potato, sausage and sweetcorn bake

One tray bakes are always a hit with the family - and so easy to prep in just minutes.

Gregor says, 'Piri piri seasoning is a handy standby - sprinkle on meat, veg and more to add mild spice and flavour.'

Has our weeknight dinner menu got you feeling inspired for some savvy shopping this week? Make sure to stock up on everything you need online or pop into your local store.

*Total price is for five meals each serving four people and does not include the cost of store-cupboard staples, listed as such in the shopping list.