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How To Make A Jam Doughnut In Just ONE Minute

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How To Make A Jam Doughnut In Just ONE Minute

Step aside Cronut (that's croissant and doughnut) because there's a new baking sensation in town! The Mugnut, also known as a jam doughnut in a mug, is taking the internet by storm. And with minimal ingredients and a cooking time of less than one minute, it's not hard to see why!

Created by chef Gemma Stafford on her blog, Bigger Bolder Baking, the Mugnut recipe has already been viewed more than 220,000 times. Gemma promises that this simple, no-fuss recipe tastes 'just like the real thing'.

'One thing that I've learnt about my mug meals is that they can all be mixed up in the one mug so you have very little waste and you only need a handful of ingredients,' Gemma adds. That's us sold!

So, how does she do it? First, Gemma puts some butter in a mug and melts it quickly in the microwave. Then she adds sugar, egg yolk and milk and stirs it all together. Next, the dry ingredients: flour, baking powder and some cinnamon are gently mixed together with a fork. Finally, Gemma adds a spoonful of jam to centre of the batter. Then it's into the microwave for 45 seconds to cook. 

For the finishing touch, Gemma sprinkles some cinnamon sugar on top and adds an extra spoonful of jam. That's it! The Mugnut is now ready to be enjoyed. 

You can get the full mugnut recipe here or watch Gemma’s video tutorial below (the mugnut recipe starts at 3 mins 35 seconds but her other mug recipes are worth a watch, too!).

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