14 meals you can make for under £1

Instagram star and chef Miguel Barclay shows us how...

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14 meals you can make for under £1

Has the Christmas season been an expensive few weeks? Don't fret - there are plenty of budget-friendly, delicious and filling meals that are packed full of flavour and goodness.

And when it comes to whipping up meals under £1 per person, who better to ask than Instagram star and thrifty chef, Miguel Barclay?

From making your own pizza to a tasty mushroom risotto and a hearty butternut squash tagliatelle to chicken fajitas - sort out your January meal planning with Miguel's recipes. 



Mexican tortilla soup

This is a bold-flavoured, substantial and chunky soup requires no blender. It's packed with flavour, containing cumin, paprika and red onion and served with homemade tortilla chips.

Sweetcorn and courgette feta fritters

Flavour-packed fritters make the perfect Sunday brunch, or speedy midweek dinner. By adding feta to these, you get little pockets of intense flavour. Miguel's topped his stack with a poached egg, using the yolk for a dipping sauce. Just look how appetising that looks!

Miguel’s pea soup with Parmesan crisp

‘This soup is so quick and simple that I had to add a touch of flair with the Parmesan ‘coral’, Miguel told us. Season and finish off the dish with some cracked black pepper. 


Garlic mushroom pappardelle

‘Pasta sauces don’t get simpler than olive oil and garlic', Miguel said. And, in this pappardelle dish it's that classic combo which pairs with meaty mushrooms. Serve up this creation in just 20 minutes. 

Chicken fajitas

This dish is always a firm family favourite. It's packed with chicken, fresh chunky vegetables like peppers, onions and tomatoes and, you can get everyone involved with rolling their own wraps. But, instead of buying your wraps, why not try making your own? It's cheaper and so simple - you only need flour and water, and that's a wrap!


Fiorentina pizza

Looking for a fun variation on a classic pizza? Make your own from scratch with this Fiorentina which is topped with spinach, cheese and a runny egg. Top tip: remember to leave the dough overnight for proving! You could top your pizza with whatever ingredients you have in the fridge to save even more pennies...

Spanish chorizo stew

On the lookout for a one pot wonder? Look no further than this easy dish which uses the powerful flavours of chorizo to infuse ordinary store-cupboard ingredients. It's bulked up with chickpeas but you could use any kind of pulse.

Roasted aloo gobi

Aloo gobi is an Indian vegetarian dish packed with potatoes, cauliflower and aromatic spices. Simply pop all the ingredients, onto a baking tray, sprinkle over the spices and voilà - a tasty veggie dinner with minimal washing up required!

Pork chop in mustard and leek sauce

Although the pork chop is the star ingredient in this recipe, according to Miguel, it's definitely the creamy leek sauce which defines this dish. The sauce is really quick and easy to make, as it only contains wholegrain mustard, plain flour and semi-skimmed milk. We think the sauce would also work really well with chicken too.


Gnocchi al forno

You can buy gnocchi ready-made in most supermarkets and still cook this dish for under £1. Just make the quick sauce, add some blue cheese, throw in some veg and you have a very posh-sounding gnocchi 'al forno', which just means, baked in the oven. 

Butternut squash risotto 

With a sweet taste and gooey texture from the root veg, this squash risotto tastes as good as it looks and leaves you feeling satisfyingly full. And this masterpiece can be on the table in 45 minutes. Perfect!


Goan cauliflower curry

This vegetarian curry dish tastes really creamy and indulgent but the sauce is made with just milk and flour. Miguel has used cauliflower because of its meaty texture, but you could also use butternut squash, sweet potato or broccoli.

Butternut squash tagliatelle

Butternut squash turns so thick and creamy when oven baked that you can get away with using it as the only additional ingredient in a pasta. Top tip: if you want to make a dairy free pasta bake, try roasting and blitzing up some squash, then baking it in the oven with dried macaroni. The pasta will cook in the squash and take on the flavour. Delicious!


Toffee apple tarte tatin 

Simple, yet so effective, these toffee apple tarte tatins are the perfect end to any Sunday meal. Just add a touch of cinnamon to these individual tarts for instant warming winter flavours.


Feeling inspired to whip up some of these masterpieces? Make sure you stock up on everything you need at Asda or pop into your local store