Miguel Barclay's roast chickpea gyro

30 meals you can make for under £1

The chef behind famous Instagram account One Pound Meals shows us how...

30 meals you can make for under £1

When it comes to cooking delicious, homemade food for less than £1 per serving, who better to ask than the thrifty chef behind the viral Instagram account One Pound Meals, Miguel Barclay?

Miguel's Instagram is solid proof that you can eat delicious, filling and nourishing meals on a small budget. From homemade pizza to tasty mushroom risottos and crowd-pleasing chicken fajitas - scroll on to discover some of Miguel's tasty recipes. 


Nothing beats a one-pan dinner. Not only does this incredible sticky Chinese tray bake require minimal washing up, but it's also packed with flavour thanks to its super simple Chinese-style marinade made up of your typical store cupboard ingredients. That's dinner sorted, then...


lamb kofte with flatbreads

Craving a kebab? Try your hand at making these lamb koftes with flatbreads… The spicy meat is spot-on served in a soft wrap, with plenty of crispy salad and a good drizzle of crème fraîche or yoghurt.

vegan caper puttanesca 

Olives, capers and tomatoes – plus a little garlic and some dried spaghetti – are all you need to rustle up this foolproof, tangy puttanesca. Serve with a hefty spoonful of Parmesan, if preferred…

green shakshuka

A fantastic way to use up any greens that are hanging around in the fridge, this shakshuka recipe is super speedy – and simple. In fact, it can be on the table in just 15 minutes. Crumble plenty of feta over the top before serving, and tuck in!

mushroom risotto

Who knew that rice could be so darn tasty? And using only a handful of store cupboard ingredients, too! A tasty vegetable stock, diced onion, some meaty mushrooms and creamy risotto rice are all you need for this dish, which is even better topped with a grating of cheese.

nasi goreng

The ultimate Indonesian comfort food dish, what's not to like about fried rice and shredded veg, topped with a perfectly fried egg and chilli sauce? As well as being easy on the purse strings, this dish is speedy too – perfect for a quick post-work dinner.

mushroom stroganoff 

Since this Stroganoff recipe uses creamy oat milk, it's totally vegan – and absolutely packed with flavour, thanks to a combination of jumbo mushrooms, garlic, paprika and spinach, served over nutty brown rice.

roast chickpea gyro

Crunchy, spicy chickpeas served in a warm, soft flatbread with fresh salad and a creamy sauce – this dish sure has a lot going for it! If you don't fancy making your own wraps, don't sweat it – you could substitute ready-made wraps or pitta.

fisherman's pie

This is one speedy pie, which once again utilizes those storecupboard ingredients – flour, macaroni, olive oil and pepper – along with a bit of frozen fish, some butter and milk. Top with chunks of stale bread, before popping it under the grill to brown.


Creamy and indulgent, this classic Rotolo might look a little elaborate, but it's really not! Miguel has used ready-made lasagne sheets, and a luxurious combination of single cream, ricotta, Parmesan, spinach and peas. Baked for around 20 minutes, this is a delicious main served with a side salad, or bread.

sloppy giuseppe

Meatballs, melted mozzarella and green pepper simmered in a thick, herby tomato sauce – this hearty combination is mouthwateringly good served with pasta, or a basket of hot, crusty bread for dunking.

Vegan Turkish Pide

Mix up pizza night with this Turkish flatbread. Topped with grated aubergine and seasoned with cumin, paprika and chilli flakes this dish makes a delicious starter to share or dinner for one. It only takes 30 minutes to make and at a fraction of the cost of a takeaway, so in our book it's definitely worth whipping up!

Smoked Mackerel and kale carbonara 

Carbonara fans will love this twist on the classic dish. Simply substitute your usual pancetta for deliciously smoky mackerel, mix together with the creamy, cheesy sauce then throw on some kale leaves for extra texture. Ready in just 15 mins, it's the ultimate weeknight winner. Give it a go! 

Slow-Cooked Chilli 

On a chilly evening, there's nothing we love more than tucking into a heart-warming chilli. This no-fuss dish is made with slow-cooked pork shoulder rather than mince, so the meat is mouth-wateringly tender. Serve with rice and veg, or use a spoonful to top a buttery jacket potato. 

squash, Spinach and GOats' Cheese risotto 

Hearty and filling, is there anything more comforting than a bowlful of rich risotto? This tempting veggie dish has a subtle sweet taste from the butternut squash, which contrasts perfectly with tangy and sharp goats’ cheese. And it tastes as good as it looks... 


Sweet potato katsu curry

It's everyone's favourite Japanese classic, and Miguel's take on the classic katsu curry is just as good as any restaurant's - but for less than £1 per serving!

Features crispy sweet potato fritters and a sweet-meets-spicy katsu sauce, this deliciously simple recipe is totally vegan.



With a sweet taste and gooey texture, this butternut squash risotto tastes as good as it looks. Perfect for those chilly Winter months, it'll leave you feeling satisfyingly full to boot. Pick up a squash for dinner tonight and you can have this masterpiece on the table in under 45 minutes. Perfect!

Mexican tortilla soup

This bold-flavoured, substantial and chunky soup requires no blender. A spice base of cumin, paprika and some red onion gives this meal soup its classic, smoky base. Serve with crispy homemade tortilla chips to mop up all those delicious Mexican flavours.

Sweetcorn and courgette feta fritters

Flavour-packed fritters make the perfect Sunday brunch or speedy midweek dinner. We love how the crumbled up feta offers little pockets of intense flavour. Miguel has topped his stack with a poached egg, using the yolk for a dipping sauce. Just look how appetising that looks!

Cheesy fish pie

In need of a comfort food classic for dinner tonight? 

This cheesy fish pie is topped with cauliflower and crispy Cheddar doused in creamy white sauce, merging fish pie and cauliflower cheese into one. What's more, this treat-like dinner couldn't be kinder to the purse-strings, coming it at just 50p per serving.

Garlic mushroom pappardelle

‘Pasta sauces don’t get simpler than olive oil and garlic', says Miguel. That classic combo comes into its own in this pappardelle dish bulked out with sautéed garlic mushrooms. Serve up this creation in just 20 minutes - perfect for tucking into on the sofa in front of a good boxset.

Chicken fajitas

Fajitas will always be a firm family favourite. Packed with chicken and fresh chunky vegetables like peppers, onions and tomatoes, get everyone involved with rolling their own wraps for an element of dinnertime fun.

Instead of buying your tortillas, why not try making your own? It's cheaper and so simple - you only need flour and water...and that's a wrap!

Fiorentina pizza

Looking for a fun variation on a classic pizza? Make your own from scratch with this Fiorentina topped with spinach, cheese and a runny egg.

Top tip: remember to leave the dough overnight for proving. Don't have eggs or spinach to hand? Top your pizza with whatever ingredients you have in the fridge to save even more pennies.

Spanish chorizo stew

On the lookout for a one pot wonder? Look no further than this easy dish, which uses flavour-packed chorizo to ramp up the flavour profile of some ordinary store-cupboard ingredients. Chickpeas add some substance and texture, but you could use any kind of tinned pulse.

Gnocchi al forno

You can buy gnocchi ready-made in most supermarkets and still cook this dish for under £1. Just make the quick sauce, add some blue cheese, throw in some veg and you have a very posh-sounding gnocchi 'al forno' - which just means baked in the oven. 

Pork and black bean lettuce tacos

Crisp lettuce 'boats' make a great alternative to tortilla wraps in this twist on classic Mexican tacos. The pork is marinated in spices then fried off on a high heat so it retains its natural moisture while taking on some delicious smoky flavour on the outside. A drizzle of soured cream adds some creamy freshness - feel free to try guacamole or salsa instead.

Goan cauliflower curry

This vegetarian curry dish tastes really creamy and indulgent but the sauce is made with just milk and flour. Miguel has used cauliflower because of its meaty texture, but you could also use butternut squash, sweet potato or broccoli.

Butternut squash tagliatelle

When cooked, butternut squash breaks down and makes a brilliant sauce that's amazingly thick and creamy without the need for any dairy. This tagliatelle dish does just that: squash is roasted in olive oil until it takes on some deep, caramelised flavour then mashed into a thick sauce to coat the tagliatelle noodles.

Top tip: if you want to make a dairy free pasta bake, try roasting and blitzing up some squash, then baking it in the oven with dried macaroni and a little vegetable stock. The pasta will cook in the squash and take on the flavour. Delicious!

For breakfast...


Preparing a big batch of this homemade granola should stop you from reaching for the buttery croissants come morning! The best thing? You can throw in whatever you have in the cupboard. Start with oats and honey, and add whichever nuts, dried fruit or chocolate chips take your fancy.

And for dessert... 

toffee apple tartin 

Looking for a quick and easy dessert to impress the family? These individual apple tarts are super simple to put together with ready-made puff pastry and they only take 25 minutes to make. Drizzle with honey and sprinkle with cinnamon for extra sweetness...