Orange wine

We’re all going to be drinking orange wine in 2017 apparently

The tangerine coloured tipple looks set to stay

We’re all going to be drinking orange wine in 2017 apparently

Hold off on the merlot, put down your sauvignon blanc and put your twist cap back onto your rosé, because the new drink of 2017 has landed.

Orange wine gets its name from its distinctive colour, rather than the citrus fruit, and combines the freshness of a white wine with the depth of a red. It has even been dubbed the ‘fourth wine’.

The amber-coloured wine, which is increasingly being made available in restaurants and specialist wine shops, is created by applying the same methods used to create white wines but leaving the grape skins on. This produces tannins, which creates a darker colour and spicier type of wine.

ITV’s wine expert Amelia Singer, told the Evening Standard that this type of wine is ‘incredibly versatile’ and the best orange wines have a “thrilling perfume, combined with an enticing intensity of honeyed, fleshy fruit and assertive grip from the tannins.”

But what could you pair this exciting coloured tipple with, you ask? 

Amelia said: “Due to its mongrel makeup, it is a very versatile style that is fantastic paired with a range of flavours and cuisines.

“These wines can stand up to Indian, Ethiopian, Persian and Moroccan dishes with ease.


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She added: “Because of their refreshing acidity and intense fruit, they are great cheese board companions and their tannin and nuttiness means you could definitely bring out a charcuterie platter too.”

So it looks like orange wine is here to stay.

And like all the other types of wine, it would work well paired with different cheeses, it would be great to sip while reading a book and it will keep you refreshed throughout 2017. 

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