Ore Oduba talks Marmite, David Beckham and his wife’s pregnancy cravings

"I was like Humpty Dumpty as a child!"

Ore Oduba talks Marmite, David Beckham and his wife’s pregnancy cravings

The sports presenter and journalist, 31, is married to Portia, a TV researcher, who is pregnant with their first child.

Is there a dinner that takes you back to your childhood? 

My parents are Nigerian so we ate a lot of jollof rice, which is a West African staple and basically rice cooked in a tomato stew. My mum had a special Friday night dish – lasagne. Over the years, I’ve tried to recreate her secret recipe but it’s never the same! 

What’s on your daily menu? 

Breakfast is a single egg, boiled, scrambled or as an omelette with a bit of ham and cheese. I’ll sink that with a cup of coffee. Lunch is not a frequent meal in my day. Fajitas are always a favourite for dinner and I love making a toad in the hole or cooking a curry every now and again. 

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Your guilty pleasure? 

A freshly baked croissant! 

 Do you diet? 

I had a reputation for eating a lot as a child. I’d literally hoover up seconds, thirds and fourths so was quite round, a bit like Humpty Dumpty. Five years ago, my wife and I made a conscious decision to eat more healthily.  

What do you cook at home? 

I like to rustle up a sausage casserole, but the fact that my wife is pregnant has changed everything. Her tastes are unpredictable now, so if I’m lining up a nice halloumi salad for dinner, she’ll typically want something else! 

Have you supported Portia by stopping drinking alcohol?  

I recently bought a bottle of non-alcoholic Muscat and put it in a Champagne flute but, after two glasses, the illusion was shattered! 

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Is there a food you can’t abide?

Marmite. We used to have a nanny who forced us to eat it and I’ve hated it ever since. Portia loves it though.

Are you inspired by any TV chefs?

Everybody loves Queen Mary Berry, but all TV cooking shows are a go-to in our house! Portia and I used to create a dinner menu for the week, but when I started Strictly Come Dancing last year, that went right out the window. I was so busy I didn’t cook a single meal. When I came home, I stood in my kitchen with a knife and chopping board in front of me for 10 minutes, not knowing what to do!

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What’s your best food discovery?

Miso marinated black cod from Nobu at Atlantis, The Palm in Dubai. It’s absolutely divine. Another game-changer was discovering Parmesan and truffle fries at Albert Schloss, a German beer house in Manchester. 

Dream dinner party guests?  

My wife because she’s great company and David Beckham because he’s my favourite person in the world. He’s a very beautiful man, so he’d be there for eye candy! 

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