Pancakes on plate

Weird and wonderful pancake creations you’ve never tried before

Get ready for Pancake Day with these 20 awesome pancake recipes

Weird and wonderful pancake creations you’ve never tried before

Pancake Day is just around the corner, so if you always resort to a traditional batter with a classic lemon and sugar topping, we're here to introduce you to a whole new world of different pancakes to shake up your Shrove Tuesday. So plan ahead this year by getting your ingredients in early and branch out into a whole new world of weird and wonderful pancake recipes...

Top tip: Make your pancakes dairy and gluten free by replacing the flour with Gluten Free plain flour, the milk with Soya milk, and substituting half a banana for one egg.

1. Peanut butter pancake recipe

This peanut butter pancake recipe is highly verastile – great for breakfast with crispy bacon, or as a lunchtime treat with fruit and crème fraîche. Yum!

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2. Oreo Cookie pancake recipe

Oreo's have had starring roles in everything from brownies to milkshakes, but step aside, for now it's the pancake's turn – and boy do they look fantastic!

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3. Cake batter pancake recipe

Make your Pancake Day into a proper celebration with these cake batter pancakes. Complete with sprinkles and runny icing, you can't go wrong.

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4. Cinnamon roll pancake recipe

Combine your two favourite breakfast treats to create this masterpiece. Oozing with gooey cream cheese glaze that practically guarantees you'll never go back to a cinnamon bun!

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5. Glazed doughnut pancake recipe

Who doesn't love doughnuts? The perfect treat, this pancake recipe combines both the fluffy lightness of a pancake with the sweet glazed glory of a doughnut. Sure to leave everyone satisfied. 

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6. Mint choc chip pancake recipe

Take your chocolate chip pancakes to the next level with this amazing concoction. Half breakfast, half dessert, it'll remind you of one of our favourite ice cream flavours to boot.

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7. German apple pancake recipe

Known as Apfelpfannkuchen in Germany, these fruity baked pancakes are filled with apples and cinnamon and make perfect dessert or breakfast. Why not add a cup of apple cider to make an extra special treat for grown-ups?

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8. Carrot cake pancake recipe

One for the parents, this twist on a classic dessert will have you hooked. You can always use the excuse that it'll help you see in the dark (it won't, but we won't tell).

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9. Gingerbread pancake recipe

Make your house smell like a gingerbread home with this easy recipe. 

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10. Bacon pancake dippers recipe

A twist on the diner classic, this recipe comes in one handy package so you can transport them wherever your heart desires.

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11. Macaroni cheese pancake recipe

Who needs an excuse to make pancakes all day long? You probably wouldn't normally think of combining pasta and pancakes but trust us, you won't think twice again with this family favourite.

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12. Pulled pork pancake recipe

For those that love their savoury dishes, these pulled pork pancakes are an awesome take on your favourite dinner. The barbecue pork can be easily be subsituted with Hoisin duck for another quick make-it-yourself takeaway.

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13. Spinach pancake recipe

This tasty, savoury twist on traditional pancakes has a deliciously cheesy filling and is perfect for vegetarians.

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14. Blueberry pancake french toast bake recipe

All your Christmases may just have come at once with this dish that's so easy to prepare, you won't miss any of the Pancake Day fun.

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15. Praline pancake recipe

Go nutty for this classic flavour. Why not go one step further and use chocolate pancakes to make it an extra special treat?

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16. Rainbow pancake recipe

Kids and grown-ups alike will love making these colourful pancakes. Why not experiment with colour combinations and create your own rainbow animals such as this Hungry Caterpillar creation from Chocolate and Carrots?

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17. Burger pancake recipe

Although pancakes can be used as a handy makeshift burger bun anyday, we'll go one step further and suggest you make this beast – and no, it's not a real burger. It's actually a super sweet and colourful treat – and is sure to bring plenty of fun to the breakfast table.

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18. Pizza pancake recipe

Other than a pancake, what's large and round and flat, and is one of your favourite foods? Why, a pizza, of course! Whether you prefer them sweet or savoury, there's a pizza pancake for everyone. Spread with chocolate or nutella and sprinkle desicated coconut and marshmallows for a sweet treat. Or why not try this savoury option from Betty Crocker with tomato puree, cheese and your favourite topping?

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19. Mocha pancakes with Mocha syrup recipe

Can't do without your morning coffee? With this fantastic concoction mixing chocolate, coffee and pancakes, you won't have to. Any excuse, eh?

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20. Strawberry cheesecake pancake recipe

For lovers of all things decadent, why not go one step further and try cheesecake for breakfast? You never know – it may be your new favourite recipe!

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Don't forget to let us know what you'll be making this pancake day, and head over to to pick up all your pancake supplies.