Cocktails to mix up a storm this New Year’s Eve

There ain't no party like a cocktail party...

Cocktails to mix up a storm this New Year’s Eve

Whether you're a gin lover, a fan of sangria or a bourbon devotee, shake up your party with our range of quality tipples. 

To help show you what we've got on offer, Richard Maxted, mixologist and founder of cocktail business Mix and Muddle, has thrown together a range of festive cocktails to serve at every festive party and beyond. 

From gin and tonics with a twist, to cherry brandy tipples like you've never tasted before - this is the new way to add some seasonal spritz to your drink.  

Grant's bufala negra

Richard said: "Surprisingly fresh and unforgettably comforting. This drink is a unique combination of sweet and spicy whisky and vanilla. Then topped with warming ginger ale to complete this after dinner indulgence."

Method: Shake 40ml Grant’s Whisky, with 10ml Vedrenne Vanilla Syrup and ½tsp balsamic vinegar. Strain over ice, top up with ginger ale and garnish with basil leaves.

After-dinner snooze

Richard said: "Lemon sorbet had a boozy cousin. Inspired by the classic Ramos Gin Fizz, this surprising mix of cream and citrus is a revelation to cream liqueur fans. Sit back, relax, and turn on the Queen's speech."

Method: Shake 30ml Baileys Irish Cream, with 10ml Cointreau, 25ml gin, 10ml lemon juice and 15ml sugar syrup. Strain, add ice, soda and grated nutmeg.

Cherry fizz

Richard said: "Playing on cherry brandy's richness of flavour, you only need to add sharp fruit in the form of lemon, raspberry and pomegranate to elevate this simple serve."

Method: In a flute, mix 15ml Bols Cherry Brandy, 20ml pomegranate juice and 5ml lemon juice. Top up with Champagne brut. Garnish with berries and pomegranate seeds.

New Year's fruit and spice

Richard said: "A true winter vintage to impress. Sharp blackcurrants and fiery ginger, a little-added sweetness, then partnered with crisp Champagne is one luxurious cocktail."

Method: Shake 20ml Extra Special Gin with 1tsp blackcurrant jam, 15ml lemon juice and 15ml Belvoir Ginger Cordial. Strain into a coupe, add Heidsieck & Co Champagne Monopole Blue Top Brut. Serve with a twist of lemon zest.

Trader's tonic

Richard said: "The long journey spice takes to reach our shores requires a long drink. A celebration of Indian Chai meets a celebration of Eastern spice."

Method: Mix 50ml Opihr Oriental Spiced London Dry Gin, 20ml cold chai tea, juice ½ lime and 10ml vanilla syrup in a large glass. Top up with Fever-Tree Naturally Light Tonic Water. Garnish with cloves and coriander. 

Beer and bourbon medley

Richard said: "Building on the revival of beer cocktails, this serve plays on the classic partnership with bitter and sweet. An alternative bourbon sour, topped with malty lager, with an essence of mint gliding through."

Method: Shake 30ml Bulleit Bourbon Frontier Whiskey, 20ml lemon juice, 15ml sugar syrup and 4 mint leaves. Strain over ice. Add 50ml Brewdog Punk IPA and finish with a mint sprig.

Cider sangria

Richard said: "A sharing bowl for those sunny and crisp winter days. This spin on the classic Sangria adds sharpness and warmth, incorporating blood orange and cranberry with honeyed cinnamon and herbal thyme. Festive cheer with class."

Method: Mix 4 x Kopparberg Sweet Apple Cider, 4 x Twinings Cranberry & Blood Orange Tea Bags, juice 3 lemons, 600ml Extra Special Pinot Grigio, 200ml honey, sliced fruit and ice. Serve in a jug or punchbowl. 

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