6 tasty ways to get your kids to eat their peas

From pasta to pizza and falafel to fish, these recipes are all very ap-pea-lling!

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6 tasty ways to get your kids to eat their peas

We adore peas in Britain, with the average person eating nearly 9,000 of the little gems every year. And our love for the miniature greens doesn't stop there - we've even dedicated a whole week to the humble pea. From the 9-15 July it's Great British Pea Week and that means there will be lots of pea-inspired events popping up across the land.

But despite our love affair with peas, it can sometimes be tricky to get our little ones to muster the same enthusiasm for the nation's favourite green. So to help you ease some peas into their diets, we've compiled a few dinners that are sure to please even the fussiest of eaters.

Lemon, chicken & smashed pea pasta

Peas are a brilliant vegetable option to have in the freezer for speedy weeknight dinners like this pasta dish. Sweet peas are crushed and blended with lemon so there's no 'pop' when your little ones bite into the peas. Get them to swirl their fork in the spaghetti and they're sure to pick up some sweet peas too. Delicious.

Chicken nuggets, chunky chips & mushy peas

It can be hard to get veg past fussy eaters, so we’ve mashed peas into a creamy and smooth pea dip to accompany these homemade chicken nuggets. Kids will love using them to scoop up the bright green dip, and if it means getting your 5-a-day, then we’re totally on board with playing with your food!

Green pea falafels

Why have boring chickpea falafels when you could have these bright-coloured beauties? These tasty pea patties are made from frozen peas and flavoured with fresh herbs and mild spices, perfect for the whole family. What’s more, one serving contains an impressive 3 of your 5-a-day!

Fish pie with pea mash

Peas add vibrant colour and tasty sweetness to the topping of this teatime classic. Simple fold some cooked mashed peas into your potato and you've managed to sneak in greens without a scene. Plus, our delicious recipe couldn’t be simpler. Keep a bag of cook from frozen fish pie mix in the freezer for a truly comforting dish whenever you feel like it. 

Frying pan pizza

This speedy homemade pizza is perfect for dinners, picnics and lunch boxes alike as it’s just as good hot as it is cold. Get the kids involved with spreading the sauce, veggies and cheese over the base to give them a sense of ownership over their tea. They’re sure to wolf down each slice - peas, sweetcorn, peppers and all!

Have our pea recipes got you going green with food envy? To give one of these pea-utiful dishes a whirl, make sure to stock up on everything you need online or pop into your local store.