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How to host the perfect cheese and wine night

You don’t have to be a wine connoisseur or cheese expert to host the perfect night in

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How to host the perfect cheese and wine night

Is there anything better than sitting in the garden on a long summer's evening with a glass of your favourite wine in hand and a plate of delicious cheeses to share with friends? We think not.

But how do you know which wines to select from the shelves and which cheeses are going to pair best with your wine choices? To help you host the perfect cheese and wine night we've put together a few of our favourite pairings so whether you have a penchant for Port or a craving or Chianti, there's something for you.

You just need to grab your best wooden chopping board, dust off your cheese knives and get out your wine glasses!

Great cheese and wine pairings

1. Extra Special Barossa Chardonnay: It’s vibrant in colour with green highlights and has an expressive and punchy nose of nashi pear, white peach and shortbread. Flowing through the wine there’s a creamy palate with hints of cashews and lemon curd. 

Perfect with Asda Gouda: This hard Dutch cheese has a firm and crunchy texture with a sweet, caramel-like flavour. It is traditionally ripened and left to mature so that it develops into a firm, golden-coloured, full-flavoured cheese with a hint of sweetness. Leave out of the fridge for approximately one hour before eating to allow the flavour to develop.


2. Extra special Chianti Riserva: It's bright red ruby in colour and has an intense fruity taste with a violet fragrance. Dry and harmonious on the palate, it has notes of dark chocolate and black cherries.

Perfect with Extra Special Manchego: Prepared only from the milk of Manchega sheep from Spain's wild la Mancha region, and aged for up to 12 months for a rich nuttiness.


3. Asda Finest Reserve Port: This reserve Port develops a rich smooth character with delicious ripe fruit flavours meaning it's ideal as an after dinner accompaniment to cheese or nuts.

Perfect with Extra Special Stilton: Prepared at the renowned Tuxford and Tebbutt creamery for a deep, full-bodied flavour that melts into a delightfully smooth finish.

Serve with...

When putting together a cheeseboard, aim for different flavours and textures to keep your guests' taste buds tickled. Here are our favourite extras to take your cheeseboard to the next level.

Fresh and dried fruit and nuts - try Asda Grower's Selection Seedless Mixed Grapes and the Fruit and Nut selection too. You could also chop up some figs into quarters. They not only look great but it's a match made in foodie heaven.

Biscuits - Extra Special Biscuits For Cheese would work well as there's a great range for your guests to choose from. 

Spicy chutney or honey - add a spoonful of rich and sweet tomato chutney or squeezy runny honey to your cheeseboard so your guests can top their cheese with a hint of sweetness. 

Feel inspired to get creating your perfect cheeseboard? Make sure you head to The Wine Shop to stock up on your beverages or shop the range in store