Top tips for a brilliant summer picnic

Get the blanket out – it's picnic time!

Top tips for a brilliant summer picnic

Picnics can be glorious, but they do require a little planning. For one thing, you'll need the right kit to transfer drinks, salads, sandwiches, cakes, sauces etc. You will want cool things to stay cool, hot things to stay hot, all while avoiding leaks or spillages.

Ensure that you don't need a huge amount of serveware to enjoy your alfresco feast – small, grabbable bites are always best. If you're bringing wine, don't make the mistake of leaving the house without a bottle opener! 

Read on for all your top tips and tricks for hosting a banging summer picnic...

sandwiches, sorted

Sandwiches were practically made for picnics. Quick to make, pack and eat, you can go as simple or fancy as you like.

If you're catering for a range of tastes, make sure to provide a veggie or vegan option - houmous and falafel, for example. Fillings like smoked salmon and cream cheese or pastrami and mustard will travel well. If you're making egg, tuna or chicken salad, consider packing your fillings in a tupperware kept in an icebox, with buttered bread packed separately. Then encourage guests to assemble their own sarnie at the picnic. Check out our favourite sandwich recipes here.

add a luxe touch

Scones are a fantastic low-fuss yet impressive treat. And don't forget the jam and clotted cream! Just bring along some picnic knives and you can tuck into a scenic outdoor afternoon tea. We think our blueberry scones would go down very well indeed...

Don't forget gluten-free and vegan picnic-ers! 

Friends and family who are on a gluten-free diet need not miss out on the delights of a summer picnic. Pack a couple of salads – potato is a must, or prepare a tasty grain and veg side. Other great options include frittata – or our potato-crust pizza. A batch of vegan cranberry and white chocolate flapjacks would be ideal as a sweet – easy to store, they can be enjoyed by everyone.

Cool Down in the Heat

Here's hoping for a beautiful summer filled with lots of sunshine! But whatever the weather's doing, you can't beat a refreshing drink. You could keep it simple by whipping up a big batch of our (non alcoholic) carnival punch cooler, instead of packing beer and wine.  

No time? No worries!

There's no need to spend the day slaving away in the kitchen in order to enjoy a meal al fresco. If you're short on time or energy, pick up all your picnic supplies in-store! Grab a selection of antipasti, fresh bread, some cheese and vine-ripened tomatoes, and you'll have yourself a delicious meal - minus any time in the kitchen whatsoever. 

Have our picnic recipes got you in the mood for a little al fresco dining? Make sure to stock up on all your picnic supplies online, or pop into your local store.