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Host a picnic in the park all for £15

Grab a blanket and share our wallet-friendly outdoor feast

Host a picnic in the park all for £15

Sunny days call for afternoons in the great outdoors. And what's a day of fun in the sun without a cheeky picnic?

Check out our ultimate picnic menu for six people below... all coming in at under £15. Summer never tasted so good!

Roasted vegetable & chickpea salad

Cost per serving: 34p

Those pots of ready made, tasty salads you can grab in the chilled section may be tasty and convenient, but nothing beats homemade. Our roasted vegetable and chickpea salad with a garlic dressing is both hearty and travels well, perfect for picnics.

Squash & spinach rolls

Cost per serving: 22p

Sausage rolls may be the traditional picnic pastry of choice, but this veggie version is packed with flavour and great for sharing. Perfect for vegetarians or simply to mix things up, watch everyone devour these delights quicker than you can say "butternut squash"!

Muffuletta rolls

Cost per serving: 53p

Consisting of antipasti and deli sandwich fillings, a traditional muffuletta sandwich is made in a large, flat Sicilian loaf of the same name which is then sliced up into segments like a cake. Our version, packed with chicken, colourful veg and delicious red pesto are made in individual rolls, making them a brilliant hand-held option for dining on the go.

Honey mustard chicken drumsticks

Cost per serving: 41p

Possibly one of the most underestimated components of any picnic spread, the humble chicken drumstick is a staple summer food. Delicious hot or cold, our sticky and sweet honey mustard drumsticks are perfect picnic (or lunchbox) grub. Make these tasty treats the night before and keep in the fridge until you're ready to rock.

Vegetable crisps with avocado dip

Cost per serving: 33p

Crisps and dips are just as essential to a picnic banquet as sandwiches or sausage rolls. Great for grazing on throughout the afternoon, a bag of crisps and a pot of dip add so much more to your spread than just "something to nibble on". Our baked crisps are made from a range of root vegetables, adding an extra special touch that shows you've gone the extra mile (while costing zero extra effort...). Pair with a creamy, refreshing avocado dip for dunking and you're onto a bona fide winner.

Banoffee pie jars

Cost per serving: 44p

While no spread is complete without a sweet treat at the finish line, many cakes, pies and desserts aren't the most travel-friendly... Enter: banoffee pie jars. Each serving of the sweet and creamy classic is piled into its own empty jam jar, perfect for transportability. 

Total cost: £13.62

Itching to whip up a fantastic picnic spread this summer? Whether you're opting for readymade or making it from scratch, find everything for your summer dining needs online or pop into your local store.