Sweet and tangy pineapple recipes to celebrate sunny weather

Nothing says summer like some juicy chunks of perfectly ripe pineapple

Sweet and tangy pineapple recipes to celebrate sunny weather

Reminiscent of beach days, summer holidays and tropical breezes, pineapple is definitely a ‘sunshine’ food!

So when the sun decides to put his hat on and we’re blessed with warm temperatures, we find ourselves getting a hankering for a taste of the juicy, yellow fruit.

Originating in South America, today pineapple is eaten all over the world in both sweet and savoury dishes. Enzymes collectively called bromelain, found in the fruit’s juice, are sometimes used as a marinade for meats due to their ability to break down tough cell strands in the cut, making it a brilliant brine for joints that not only tenderises the meat but also adds bags of flavour, too.

Check out some of our favourite pineapple recipes below, from juicy pork kebabs to classic bakes with a twist.

Pineapple hummingbird muffins

Zesty pineapple and ripe bananas give these muffins their sweet tropical flavour and moist texture. Fresh pineapple or tinned chunks would both work well - just remember to drain the pineapple well so the batter doesn’t get too wet!

crispy pork belly

A modern nod to the 70s classic, gammon and a pineapple ring, this succulent pork belly joint marinated in pineapple juice and thyme not only looks the part, but tastes incredible, too. 

Simply leave the joint to marinate in the juice for two hours to allow the pineapple’s enzymes to brine and tenderise the meat, then pop in the oven for 2 hours until it’s falling apart. The finished product? Perfect soft and tender pork with irresistibly crunchy, fruity crackling. Serve with coleslaw for a nice bit of crunch.

Hawaiian pineapple pudding cake

Tinned pineapple is not just easy and convenient - it also comes with its own magic syrup that’s too often thrown down the kitchen drain without a second thought.

Tinned pineapple - AND its brilliant juices - are the star of the show in this Hawaiian-inspired tray bake. Add the strained chunks to your cake batter and bake, then, when it’s fresh out of the oven, use the end of a wooden spoon to poke holes into the cooked sponge and pour over the pineapple’s juices. A bit like a cross between an upside down cake and a lemon drizzle, prepare for this super moist bake to turn into your tropical go-to.

Al pastor kebab bowls

Pineapple is native to Central and South American countries like Brazil and Costa Rica where a large percentage of the world’s pineapples are still grown. In these areas, you’ll see pineapple popping up in everything from cocktails and cakes to savoury meat dishes, like pork Al Pastor.

Pork is marinated in chilli, cumin and fruit juice before it’s grilled along with juicy pineapple chunks. We’ve served our Al Pastor skewers with a colourful and crunchy fresh salad and rice, but you could add some taco shells or wheat tortillas too.

pineapple meringue pie

We’ve all had lemon meringue pie - but have you ever tried mixing up that fruity filling for something equally as mouth-puckering and delicious? Pineapple makes a fantastic stand-in in this sunshine yellow pie that brings some delicious, tropical sweetness into the mix.

Prawn and pineapple skewers

Syrupy, sweet pineapple is brilliant when it comes to standing up against other big flavours like chilli, garlic and ginger — and that’s exactly what it does in these super-quick prawn kebabs.

Alternate chunks of pineapple with juicy, fresh prawns on wooden skewers before dousing the lot in a fiery Asian marinade. The pineapple will get extra juicy when fired on the grill, keeping those prawns moist and totally drool-worthy. 

Have our sweet and juicy pineapple recipes got you feeling inspired to cook up some sunshine-inspired dishes this summer? Make sure to stock up on everything you need at Asda or pop into your local store.