Asda woofired pizza

Avoid these #PizzaFails With Asda’s Takeaway Range

Because we've all been there

Avoid these #PizzaFails With Asda’s Takeaway Range

You know the feeling – you come home after a long day and are looking forward to a tasty slice of pizza, topped with gooey cheese and spicy pepperoni, only to discover that there's just one measly slice of meat on your pizza. Disappointed doesn't begin to cover it! Or what about when you pop a pizza in the oven and turn on the television, only to realise that you've forgotten all about it. The result? Pizza that's charred, not crispy. Not to mention those times when you're following a delicious recipe for a tasty pie, and it ends up looking NOTHING like it should. These pizza fails might not seem so funny at the time, but looking back they certainly muster a giggle or two. 

Even funnier are some of the epic cooking disasters that people have shared online. We've found some hilarious pizza fails that will make yours pale in comparison! Next time, these guys might want to think about picking up an Asda takeaway pizza instead. It's the only hope you'll have of avoiding the laugh-out-loud mishaps below...

1. When the delivery guy gets it wrong


A photo posted by Meat Machine (@miamimeatmachine) on

Sad face...

2. Hawaiian #pizzafail


A photo posted by keri (@beboprockssteady) on

At least we THINK that's pineapple...

3. Someone didn't follow instructions...


A photo posted by nats6061 (@nats6061) on

That's a hard dish to save...

4. Is that even pizza?


A photo posted by Stefana Muller (@stefanamuller) on

Looks like more a triangle-shaped piece of coal...

5. Big isn't always better


A photo posted by Ben hEung (@waitin4winter) on

We're all for interesting toppings on pizza (like ASDA Take Away Chicken Tikka Pizza) but we're not even sure WHAT is on that giant slice...

6. Oops, forgot the oven was on!


A photo posted by betti (@bettimoretti123) on

Top tip? Set the oven timer!

7. Looks like someone's getting all the pepperoni... 


A photo posted by nathp29 (@nathp29) on

Oh dear! Get the perfect amount of pepperoni with ASDA Take Away Double Pepperoni Pizza.

8. So who wants the itty bitty slice? 

A photo posted by Frances Wolf (@seebabyshop) on

We'll take the massive piece, please!

9. When they forget the cheese

But cheese is the best part! Get your cheesy fix with ASDA Takeaway Chilli Cheese Pizza.

10. Somebody order ONE large pepperoni? 

A photo posted by Karen Free (@free.stylez) on

Those delivery guys sure do love a good prank... 

Have you had any hilarious #pizzafails? Share them with us online using #goodliving! And don't forget that you can get a pizza to rival the takeaway with Asda’s new range