11 Delicious Plum Recipes To Whip Up This Autumn

Make the most of the juicy harvest

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11 Delicious Plum Recipes To Whip Up This Autumn

Sweet and juicy, plums aren't just one of the most delicious autumn fruits; they're one of the most versatile too. Especially when eaten at their most ripe.

Plums even make fabulous sweet sauces to accompany savoury plates and meats

With so many different varieties - classic Victoria plums, sweet, yellowish Opals, large, peachy Reeves - they’re great for incorporating into an endless number of dishes, from jams and chutneys, to moreish puddings and pies.

They even make fabulous sweet sauces to accompany savoury plates and meats.

So if we've got you excited by the prospect of this autumn’s suculent plum offering, standby for the recipe collection you need.

With something for all the family, here's how to eat the season with these glorious plum recipes.

Homemade Plum Crumble

Serve this old favourite warm, with a dollop of hot custard, thick cream or vanilla ice cream.

Try the recipe: Homemade Plum Crumble

Plum Jam

This easy recipe for plum jam makes three jars of sweet, tart and perfectly set jam that’s great to give as a present.

Try the recipe: Plum Jam

Duck with oriental plum sauce

This tangy plum sauce cuts through the rich flavours of the duck, but also works well with chicken or pork.

Try the recipe: Duck with oriental plum sauce

Plum & Almond Cake

Moist, glazed plums team beautifully with almonds in this yummy teatime cake recipe.

Try the recipe: Plum & Almond Cake

Spring Rolls with Plum Dip

Serve these Tex-Mex inspired beef, cheese and jalapeno spring rolls with our moreish plum dip, to put a fun twist on classic Asian party food.

Try the recipe: Spring Rolls with Plum Dip

Baked Plums in Honeyed Wine

Short on time? Make this simple and straightforward recipe ahead of a dinner party, for an extra special dessert.

Try the recipe: Baked Plums in Honeyed Wine

Plum Oat Bars

Kids will enjoy making this crumbly, nutty treat - a great way to use up any overripe plums left in the bowl.

Try the recipe: Plum Oat Bars

Plum Chutney

This chutney is great to prepare in the autumn months when plums are at their best, and then enjoy all winter long.

Try the recipe: Plum Chutney

Plum Brandy

Adding plum stones to this fruity brandy gives it a warming, nutty flavour. It'll keep for about nine months, making it a perfect tipple to save for Christmas.

Try the recipe: Plum Brandy

Sticky Spiced Plums

The cinnamon and vanilla in this recipe add extra depth to the sweetness of sugary ripe plums.

Try the recipe: Sticky Spiced Plums

Plum Pie

A classic combination of crisp pastry and juicy fruit, this delicious pie best served warm with a scoop of ice cream or dash of pouring cream.

Try the recipe: Plum Pie

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