Sticky toffee popcorn cake

5 creative popcorn recipes you and the kids will love

If you heart popcorn, you'll adore these tasty treats

5 creative popcorn recipes you and the kids will love

Whether you prefer your popcorn salted, sugared or covered with toffee, the crunchy kernels will always be one of our favourite snacking staples.

And although we think there's nothing better than enjoying a tub of the good stuff while watching a movie, there are so many other ways you can get your fix. 

So to celebrate Popcorn Day in all its glory, we've put together some of our favourite recipes, which are elevated by the addition of you know what... 


Chocolate popcorn shards

It's a well-known fact that popcorn and chocolate is a foodie match made in heaven. And we think we've found the best way to combine the two flavours - chocolate popcorn shards with dried fruit. We've used 70% cocoa solids chocolate in the mix as it creates a really dark and rich flavour that break easily and taste delicious too. 

Popcorn-loaded sticky toffee cake

Calling all sticky toffee cake lovers. If you didn't think your favourite cake could get even better, think again. Thanks to the addition of crunchy toffee popcorn, this squidgy, gooey cake topped with salted caramel, has been taken up a notch. Try making it for a birthday, or experiment with mini cupcake versions for a single serving everyone can help themselves to. 

popcorn ice cream

This may look like plain vanilla ice cream, but we can assure you it's so much more. Filled with crushed popcorn, double cream, condensed milk and vanilla extract, this concoction is a treat for the eyes and stomach. And better yet - it doesn't need churning! For a luxurious finish, why not melt some chocolate and drizzle over the top...

Popcorn turkey bites

Crush your beloved pieces of popcorn up and you'll find they make the best crispy breadcrumbs. If you're not a turkey lover, try using fresh chicken or white fish to make these tasty bites which the little 'uns and big kids are bound to love. Serve with sweet potato wedges or classic fries.

Chocolate, caramel and macadamia drizzle cake

Sweet, nutty and huge enough to feed a crowd for a special occasion, this gorgeous chocolate, caramel and macadamia drizzle cake is perfect for a gathering or any celebration. We'll be topping all our cakes with popcorn from now on...


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