THESE are the 10 most talked about foods on the internet

How many can you spot on your Instagram feed?

THESE are the 10 most talked about foods on the internet

These days, food is no longer made just to be eaten. In the age of social media, it’s become perfectly acceptable and even expected to take photographs of our grub. Did you whip up an impressive recipe for dinner? Don't forget to tweet about how #delicious it is! Or were you served a cup of Joe featuring some seriously impressive latte art? Definitely worthy of an Instagram post!

Even pictures of food that don't look so good make their way to our social media feeds - like these hilarious #cakefails.

But if you've ever wondered which foods are the most popular on the internet, then wonder no more. American scientists looked at over 80 million geotagged tweets sent between mid-2014 and mid-2015. They then sorted through them all to find the 4 million which mentioned food or drink. The results? We certainly like our treats - and our caffeine!

That's right, coffee was apparently the most talked about foodie item on the internet - and by the look of these impressive shots, we're not surprised! 


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After coffee, researchers said that the most popular pictures of foods and drink on the internet were beer, pizza, and wine. 


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Yum! Check out the full list of most talked about foods from the University of Utah study below:

  1. Coffee 
  2. Beer 
  3. Pizza 
  4. Starbucks 
  5. IPA (beer) 
  6. Wine 
  7. Chicken 
  8. BBQ 
  9. Ice cream 
  10. Tacos

Are you surprised by the results? How many of these foods and drink have you taken photos of and then posted on the internet? Let us know on social media using #goodliving.