Banh mi asian baguette

Posh sandwich recipes to liven up lunchtime

The humble sarnie is always a great option for lunches, so keep things interesting with these fancy recipes

Posh sandwich recipes to liven up lunchtime

Whether you're looking to take your weekday lunch up a notch or after something a little fancier for the weekend, sandwiches are always a reliable go-to.

With a little bit of extra love and time, these recipes show how you can really transform them too, turning the humble sarnie into a dish that's not quite so humble after all.

Mustard steak sandwich

Thinly cut beef steaks mean this Mustard Steak Sandwich will cook quickly while looking and tasting impressive too. It's ideal when you fancy a treat or you're feeding others for lunch. Lightly toasted ciabatta rolls give the sandwich a bit of crunch and elevate them from your usual day-to-day sliced bread fare. 


Chicken club sandwich

Club sandwiches are a classic fancy sandwich and this recipe is no exception. The three-decker treat has a chicken, red pepper houmous and tomato filling meaning there is a lot to love about this take on the traditional sarnie.


Chess Board Sandwiches

If you're having a party or hosting afternoon tea, these sandwiches are the ones for you. Crustless and with classic cream cheese, cucumber, egg and cress fillings, the mix-and-match effect is easy to achieve and gives them added impact – just what is needed to level up your finger food.


Peach, portobello and avocado club

Club sandwiches don't just have to be for meat-eaters. This veggie-friendly take has a hearty portobello mushroom in the first layer and fresh avocado and slices of griddled peaches in the second. The bright colours make it a show-stopper of a sarnie – it is a proper treat to tuck into.


Bánh mì Asian baguette

Take inspiration from overseas for this sandwich based on the Vietnamese bánh mì. It makes a great packed lunch option if you have leftover cooked meats and are short on time – add chilli, radishes and coriander for a filling baguette full of flavour. 

Head to your local Asda store or online to stock up on all the ingredients you'll need to make your perfect sarnie.