If you love drinking Prosecco, you’ll love Progrigio

Move over Prosecco, Italy has a new sparkling wine

By Rebecca Shepherd, 17 February 2017
If you love drinking Prosecco, you’ll love Progrigio

Us Brits, along with the rest of the world, go mad for a glass of Prosecco.

“Progrigio is a fresh, floral and aromatic wine balanced by citrus fruits, white peaches and minerality"

It’s the Italian sparkling wine which, since 2010, has taken the UK by storm with its thrifty price tag, its sweet taste and for as long as we can remember, it’s been the tasty alternative to Champagne.

We drink it by itself, we make cocktails with it and we even use it as an ingredient in our desserts.

But as of this year Italy has a ‘new sparkling wine’ to rival Prosecco. Introducing - Progrigio.

What does it taste like?

Our wine buyer Jack Clayton explains: “Progrigio is a new Italian sparkling wine aimed at the Prosecco and Pinot Grigio customer to try something familiar but just a little different. It is a fresh, floral and aromatic wine balanced by citrus fruits, white peaches and minerality."

The new fizz, which is exclusive to Asda, is crafted more than 1,250 miles away on the Italian Mediterranean, and includes a blend of Italian grapes called Glera - which are also used to make Prosecco - and Italian Pinot Grigio wine.

So, as Jack explains, "if you love Prosecco, you’ll love Progrigio".

He said: "We really wanted to keep it very much Italian, and for it to have the same taste profile.

"Prosecco has been hugely successful and as demand increases, pricing, in turn, has gone up, so everyone has been looking at what the next sparkling wine could be.

"Progrigio is tapping into that."

The new tipple is made in the same way that Prosecco is created, as it is fermented in a tank, which is a cheaper method in comparison to how Champagne is crafted.

How does it differ from Prosecco?

“Well, I think it’s about what makes it more similar," Jack said. "The reason why Prosecco is so successful is because it’s very easy drinking, and appeals to the mass market. Champagne can be dryer, but Prosecco is a bit sweeter. 

"This [Progrigio] has got that and the easy drinking appeal that Pinot Grigio has.”

How do you drink it?

Crisp, fresh and delicately floral, the fruity aromas of Progrigio are balanced by its dry profile that offers a hint of sweetness at the finish. Designed to be served in a flute glass, the versatility of Progrigio also means it's suitable as the base to a sparkling cocktail.

The fine sparkling fizz also works well with aperitifs and with all types of canapés.

And, if all else fails, Jack mentioned that the tipple also tastes great ‘on its own’. He added: “It’s good to try something a bit different.

"Prosecco has become this big brand, it’s a go-to and sometimes people don’t look past that. This is not Prosecco but actually it’s a good alternative to Italian sparkling and it should be more affordable.”

So, next time you're shopping for some bubbles, why not try the new drink of 2017. Progrigio is here to stay!

To pick up your bottle of Progrigio,  pop into your local store or find it online