Christmas for prosecco lovers

Everything is better when prosecco is involved, right?

Christmas for prosecco lovers

A good glass of prosecco goes down a treat any time of the year, but at Christmas it helps to make festive parties and dinner celebrations even more magical. 

Thankfully, the Champagne-alternative seems to pair perfectly with everything and anything meaning there's no shortage of ways to get your bubbly fix. 

From a sweet and zesty prosecco gammon glaze, to a boozy raspberry trifle and even prosecco-inspired knitwear - here's our round-up of the most brilliant products, creations and recipes which wouldn't be the same without a splash of fizz. 


everything tastes better with prosecco

Prosecco and Cointreau grapes

So simple, yet so very tasty - these chilled grapes have been soaked in prosecco and Cointreau and dusted with sugar to make the perfect snack to enjoy with an aperitif.

Prosecco pavlova stack and Prosecco flavoured truffles 

A sensational triple-layer stack of prosecco cream and crisp meringue, hand finished with Heritage raspberries and Belgian white chocolate - Our Extra Special raspberry and pavlova prosecco stack is the perfect centrepiece for your Christmas table, and means you don't have to lift a finger. ​Or if it's something to enjoy with tea and coffee after dinner, try these unashamedly decadent Extra Special Prosecco and Raspberry flavour truffles

Prosecco plum pavlova

Using prosecco in the subtly spiced syrup adds a glamorous touch to this wintry plum meringue dessert.

Raspberry prosecco trifle

Layers of prosecco-soaked raspberries, Madeira cake, whipped cream and pistachios make up this festive trifle treat. Because what would Christmas be without a proper British trifle?

Italian Prosecco Panettone

Crafted in Northern Italy by experts with over 30 years experience, our Extra Special Prosecco Panettone is wonderfully rich, zesty and comes with a delicious prosecco hit. The result? A beautifully soft Italian classic with an indulgent twist.

Elderflower, rose and prosecco jelly

Who said jelly was only made for kids? This elderflower, rose and prosecco-infused jelly will make you think otherwise. We've topped the jelly with crushed pistachios and a handful of rose petals. It looks almost too good to eat! Present on a platter and let everyone serve themselves...


Beetroot and gin-cured salmon with prosecco mustard

The soft and tender texture and vibrant pink colour of this cured salmon with beetroot and gin make it a Christmas Day starter winner. But it's the prosecco-infused mustard, which takes this maginificent dish to the next level.

Extra Special Orange & Prosecco Wiltshire Cured Ham Joint

Our Wiltshire cured ham has been delicately infused with orange and prosecco and finished off with a sweet and zesty glaze. And, as all the hard work has been done for you, all you need to do is brush up on your carving skills. Serve with Boxing Day bubble and squeak, or make a mean Christmas sandwich with stuffing and mustard...


a touch of prosecco at home

Prosecco is 'always the answer', according to these disposable napkins and we're inclined to agree. And what does every prosecco lover need? A pretty gold prosecco flute to drink the tasty tipple from of course. 




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