9 delicious pumpkin recipes to embrace seasonal eating

There’s nothing scary about these autumnal eats.

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9 delicious pumpkin recipes to embrace seasonal eating

Pumpkins and Halloween have long gone hand in hand, but there’s nothing scary about cooking up a delicious seasonal feast with the bright orange fruit.

Outside of jack-o’-lanterns, there’s plenty to be done with the sweet orange flesh of pumpkins

Outside of jack-o’-lanterns, there’s plenty to be done with the sweet flesh of pumpkins, from warming soups and hearty curries, to classic pumpkin pies and tasty lasagne.

Though cutting the tough skin can take some effort, it’s well worth slicing your way through for these mouth-watering recipes...

Lightly Spiced Pumpkin Soup

This soup freezes well, so it's a good idea to make a few batches and freeze in individual portions.

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Pumpkin samosas

This pumpkin samosas recipe makes 12 big, vegetarian samosas that are perfect for lunches or buffets.

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Pumpkin lasagne

The pumpkin and cheese make for a great combination in this delicious veggie dinenr dish.

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Chicken & pumpkin curry

The soft pumpkin absorbs the spices and turns this into a hard-to-beat curry.

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Traditional pumpkin pie

This is a traditional, and delicious, dessert served at American Thanksgiving celebrations—serve it warm or cool, it’s you.

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Pumpkin, lentil & pea curry

This curry is easy to make and not too hot, so it's good for a family meal. Add some crushed, dried chillies if you want to make it hotter.

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Bacon & pumpkin soup

The crème fraîche gives the soup a lovely sharp edge, but you can leave it out if you like.

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Lamb & pumpkin tagine

For this warmly spiced Middle Eastern casserole, chicken or turkey breasts will taste just as good as lamb.

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Mini pumpkin pies

This recipe is great for using up pumpkin flesh at Halloween, and makes individual dessert portions.

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