Blackberry jellies

There’s a new food trend in town and it’s purple

Brighten up your plate with this vibrant colour

There’s a new food trend in town and it’s purple

From colourful buddah bowls to flawlessly frothed rainbow latte art - when it comes to food, there's a growing trend to make your dinner look as pretty as a picture.

And what better way to add some colour than with a splash of purple! From bright-coloured beetrootsPurple Majesty Chips (which can be found in selected stores now) and purple sweet potatoes - these colourful vegetables have become the foodie's go-to addition. 

Since the start of the year, Pinterest has seen a 350% rise in the number of people saving colourful recipe ideas using purple veg. Aubergine recipes increased by 160% and beetroot and pear salad is among the top trending recipes in the UK right now. And purple ice cream and ube donuts are just two of the top ube recipes people are searching for.

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Where has this purple craze come from?

For years, chefs have been using ube (pronounced 'oo-bae') powder to create showstopping purple bakes but it's only recently that the most daring have been using the purple yam directly in their creations.

From purple kale salad, vegan beet houmous, beetroot pumpkin seed pesto and stuffed sweet purple potato - there's nothing the purple food trend can't take on.

Fancy taking on purple in the kitchen? We've rounded up some of our prettiest, purplest recipes to make meal time a little more colourful. 

Beetroot dip

Vibrant? Check. Purple? Check? Delicious? It sure is. This earthy dip is what purple dreams are made of. 

Blackberry Milk jelly

The slight sharpness of the blackberries gives a lovely tangy edge to this teatime classic.

Beetroot onion bake

A colourful and delicious vegetarian side dish which has a robust flavour.

Beetroot chocolate mousse

A purple beetroot treat for pud? You’d better believe it!

Get your hands on some perfect purple food in your local Asda