5 weeknight winners everyone will love

Take our quality meat and veg from around the UK and add a pinch of global flavour - perfection!

5 weeknight winners everyone will love

We all know what’s it’s like when you get home from work after a long day in the office and don't want to move. And with the darker evenings and even colder winter nights, it makes budging off that sofa even more of a chore.

But you don’t have to compromise on flavour when it comes to cooking just because you don’t want to spend hours in the kitchen. With our range of weeknight winners, you can still whip up a storm in under 30 minutes and have enough left over for lunch tomorrow. Result!

You can still make a dinner to be proud of, even if you only have 25 minutes to spare. 

With this handy guide, all you need is to make one trip to your nearest supermarket (although you'll more than likely have many of the ingredients already in your cupboard and freezer) and you'll be sorted for the entire week.

These easy dinner recipes are both nutritious and delicious. So get your pots out, put your apron on and get cooking!

Magic mini meatloaves with slaw

These mini meatloaves are great for freezing which means you can make them a couple of weeks or months in advance, wrap them in clingfilm and then defrost them when you’re short of time.  

The quantities can also be doubled up for larger crowds and they would make a great side dish when you’re entertaining.

Speedy chicken and leek casserole

It’s always great when you can put everything in one pot and just let it cook away until you’re ready to serve it.

With this one-pot wonder, you can do exactly that and it’s ready to eat in 30 minutes! Try crumbling over some cooked bacon too for that extra hint of flavour.

Sizzling steak pizza with parsnip fries

Just like your traditional pizza you can load up with your favourite toppings. Be sure to get the kids involved with this dish as they’ll love adding cheese, pepperoni and tomatoes to the top of theirs.

Family-friendly pad Thai

This is a delicious mild version of the street-food classic and is packed with flavour and texture making it a great option for introducing the kids to Asian cuisine. You could skip the peanuts for small children and add some Thai sweet chilli sauce for grown-ups.

Tasty turkey and kale curry

You could eat this dish with rice, potatoes or just vegetables if you fancied a lighter option. 

Find more quick and easy dinner recipes here and don't forget to stock up on all your ingredients online at or instore